Kindgineer's 2016 GOTY List!

Until it's updated, none of these are in order. I most sit down and meditate with my mind council in order to provide an accurate and fair ordered list!

PS: #1 is probably Titanfall 2.

List items

  • A wonderful blend of arcadey-action mixed with the ever-intense knowledge that every run could be ended in a flash. Enter the Gungeon provided an infinite experience coated in game-play, art, and control polish.

  • Kind of hard not to throw this one up there. Even though I don't play World of Warcraft as much as I would like anymore due to real life demands; WoW: Legion surprised me (and everyone else it seems) by injecting a brand new life into the MMORPG we thought Blizzard wasn't capable of anymore.

  • Everything about Titanfall 2 is better than it's predecessor. That's coming from someone who solely bought an Xbox One to play the original. The variety in Titans, fast paced action on foot, and beautifully created maps make this one of the strongest GOTY contenders in a very long time.

  • I am a big fan of sim/management games. Craft the World may have some glaring issues with the pathing/AI of it's dwarves, but look past that and you have a wonderful game that has so much to offer.

  • Everything that put me off about the first one has either been polished or completely made anew. PvZ: GW2 offers a ton of unlocks that make your progress feel special, super-fun multiplayer with plant/zombie inspired variety, and an art-style that makes you feel happy while you shoot down your foes.

  • This game definitely did what it was mean't to. Give me my Destiny fix on PC. It's an absolutely gorgeous game with a rather slow and methodical open-world landscape that has it's ups and downs. It's always fun to just log in and see how lucrative my Dark-zone matches can be, or see what collectibles I can find scattered through-out New York.