2016's Early-Access/Alpha/Beta GOTY List!

No, not a list made up entirely of early-access, alpha, or beta games; but a list to remind me of the experiences I had throughout the year with various games so that they can be accredited when this sort of thing becomes relevant!

Games with no wiki-page that need to be added to the list: Tapventures, WordBrain.

List items

  • A melding of fantastic art-direction, pixel-perfect combat, and mystery stacked on top of mystery. There is so much to Enter the Gungeon that I doubt I'll explore it all before the year is out.

    I can easily see this wonderful title not only becoming one of this year's top titles, but a classic in my library as well.

  • Stardew Valley is exactly what everyone wants out of a spiritual successor when they throw their nostalgia glasses on. Taking it's homages from the niche "Harvest Moon" series of video games, a single man has poured his heart and soul into a project that not only destroyed everyone's expectations, but also showed and inspired me that something so fantastic doesn't need a huge team to be realized.

    I have put over 50 hours into this title and I still continue to find new, hidden content, fun ways to spend my time, and interesting ways to tackle the various challenges and "quests" within the game.

  • I wanted to start this out by saying "this is the best offering mobile has for gaming," but it simply wouldn't be true. I think there are plenty of fantastic titles on your phone that don't necessarily include known-IP's. However, Clash Royale deserves it's own day in the sun for how well designed it it, and how well it clashes against known mobile-transaction-tropes. It's simply a fun game that can either be played in bursts, or maybe you could lose yourself for a while in it's well developed roster of cards that server as your units/spells.

    If you haven't given this one a spin - there literally is no reason not to. Obviously it won't sing to everyone, but for those that it does, you'll certainly be glad you downloaded it.

  • I remember this game, roughly five years ago, and loving it. It was just a fun game to boot when you were going to the bathroom and was a blast to customize and play around with. Coming back to it after about 4 years of inactivity is a breath of fresh air. Lots of new costumes, floors, and plenty of incentives that keep the game F2P without being too egregious. I'm having a blast with it now.

  • So, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls isn't "new" per-se, but the constant updates and seasonal challenges make this game something to be admired. I generally only try to master one class during the current season, but this year I had an itch to play Hardcore mode and can't seem to stop. The new 2.4 patch created new opportunities and challenges to look forward to, and there has never been a better time to dive back into some Diablo III.

    Also, Hardcore is intense and should be the ONLY way you play. Kidding ,of course. Or am I?

  • I never made the purchase for CSD! when it released, but after seeing it for a couple of dollars on Chrono.gg, I decided to take the plunge. I'm glad I did. The game is extremely intuitive, and offers a sort of "zen" once you start getting good at the keybindings for all the different meals. It can get incredibly hard balancing chores, food, and wait times; but when you do, it's incredibly satisfying.

  • I went into this as both someone who hasn't really played many Megaman games, and with a bit of a sour perspective due to all the negative criticism's I've seen. I really have no idea where all that comes from. Every thing looks great, feels great, and altogether has offered me (so far) enjoyment in the fair amount of hours I've put into it.