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2020 Bummers

Yes 2020 was a shit year for a lot of reasons but games certainly weren't without their huge disappointments too. I've ranked these relative to my expectation vs the outcome. The higher on the list the more I expected, the more disappointed I was they weren't what I thought they'd be.

List items

  • Good god Id what the fuck happened. 2016 was one of the greatest shooters of all time and somehow you ended up ruining almost everything about it I loved. From the amazing gauss canon being replaced by the awful ballista to the horrendous jumping puzzles, to the bizarrely inconsistent art direction and over-saturated everything.

    Pointless long winded exposition, stupid story, the lame monster redesigns and terrible terrible looking pickups to the idiotic chainsaw fuel ammo mechanic killing the flow n balance of the game. Eternal frustrated me eternally. Never mind the Marauders who just aren't fun to fight at all. And astoundingly the DLC doubled down on all of this and is insufferably that much worse. Fuck sake.

    2016 truly was a miracle game I guess. God I wish I could have a real sequel to it.

  • The greatest line in the entirety of the original RE3 was when Jill says "you want Stars I'll give you Stars" as she fires a magnum pistol point blank in to the creature that had been stalking her the entire game. It's stupid, kinda funny, but also cool? and my feelings of that old game remain the same. So much of RE3's identity was "so dumb its cool". Even that line is butchered and misused in its remake.

    The remake desperately wanted to be more serious, more "modern" and re-invent so much of what the original game was its this hollowed out husk of mediocre trash with no identity. Gone is the personality and fun of the original, replaced by just crap. Boring crap.

    Which is bizarre considering how tremendously excellent RE2R was last year. Clearly the B team got put on this, and had no aspiration at all for being faithful. RE3 is one of my most cherished classics and they spat on it. I felt personally attacked by this game.

  • Fuck this game. Black Mesa is a prank. A lie. The "overwhelmingly positive" reviews on Steam are a load of bullshit. This remake is just awful, absolutely fucking awful. Some of the worst puzzle n level design ever. Some of the most frustrating enemy encounters ever and it is rife with bugs and glitches. Literally cheating this game with god mode only just barely makes it tolerable.

  • Hey I know lets take the most amazing fucking idea for a game ever and somehow make it the most gruelingly frustrating to play thing ever!!! what a great plan!

    Playing Carrion is just shit, its shit. On the one hand being an unwieldy oddly moving blob would control a bit strangely but on the other why do the enemies do so much damage. Why do the levels demand so much backtracking yet theirs no map at all. Why do I have to de-mass and make myself weaker just to be allowed a different ability.

    It's like the dev specifically set out to make the most annoying version of this game idea he possibly could have. Utterly astounding. I think I made it like 90% of the way through too, and by then I was so pissed off I said fuck it not worth it don't care.

  • I didn't hate chimera squad but boy it certainly felt like they basically rushed together a mod and sold it as an Xcom game. Janky and buggy and cheap feeling it was. Some absolutely awful character art, often bizarre dialogue and I didn't care for the alien squad members all just sounding like normal people as that killed the premise for me. Cool aliens that talk are cool because of cool voice modulation and unique speech patterns.

    The same idea really polished would probably be awesome. Though I did also miss a lot of the kick ass systems from X2 and WotC especially. I hope Chimera Squad isn't a sign they intend to dramatically dumb down X3.

  • I find myself randomly returning to Warframe to see what its latest content is like and every single time I'm disappointed by the direction its taken. All I want is soloable linear environment mission types and some more of the AMAZING story stuff this game does and the devs just fucking refuse to give it to me. Instead its tedious grindy open world map junk again and again and again. It sucks ass man.

    I've logged so many hours in to Warframe and half of them are dealing with its bullshit. I want it to be so much more of its good self, and they just refuse to do that.