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I need to play more video games.

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Best of the Last Decade

2010 to 2019 was a hell of a time period for games and this is the order of which I felt these particular games were most significant to me.

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  • Probably the single most profoundly significant game to me ever made to be honest. Nier Automata resonated with me in ways that are difficult to describe and wholly unique. Yoko Taro forever changed what I could even expect video games to do and be. One of, if not the single greatest piece of fiction centered around AI to exist.

  • God of War was a trilogy of games that I enjoyed immensely because of how absurd they were and the soft reboot took that absurdity and tried its best to break it down and look at it from a different more mature and intelligent perspective while following it; ultimately culminating in a sequence late in the game that was one of the single most incredible moments in any game I had ever experienced. I don't scream with hype at games, its just a thing I never do, that's not me. GoW made me do that.

  • Until Doom Eternal is out Doom 2016 remains the best shooter ever created. To this day I still listen to the soundtrack at least 2-3 times a week. God I love that music more than anything.

  • The peak of horror shooters and the RE franchise. Except for that one bit in 5 where Chris punches a rock.

  • Its been too long since I replayed Dead Space 2, and boy did I replay it a lot. If not for RE2 Remake it would be the pinnacle of horror shooters, and it still is in the sci-fi space at least.

    How the fuck didn't this game sell like 800% more copies than it did, it bloody well should have.

  • You punch god in the face by making him fail a quicktime event.

    Honestly if not for Nier Automata Asura would probably be the peak of the video game medium really, I rank it lower mostly just because its very light on the game parts of being a game.

    Also the greatest multi hour long episode of DBZ ever.

  • Objectively superior to Xcom one in all respects. Ignore the GB staff's dismissive apathy train and PLAY. THIS. GAME.

    With the expansion, you have to have the expansion. Greatest turn based strategy ever made.

  • I was once playing LP2 on PS3 with a random japanese person, we each got in to our respective mechs to, what I thought, was go on a simple co-op sequence. He then proceeded to make his mech hover near mine after it having taken on a new shape, which seemed weird but then I got a button prompt for mine and upon pressing it managed to make it also deploy some parts I hadn't seen on it before.

    The two mechs then locked together and we both proceeded to control a single new merged robot. It was, and still is one of the coolest things to ever happen in a video game to me.

  • The most criminally under rated and under appreciated shooter ever made. Fuck Cliffy B and the shitty marketing team for permanently tainting the image and the legacy of this game which by all rights SHOULD have had an even more incredible sequel by now.

    Imagine drunk Wolverine as someones hilarious fuck up uncle hanging out with cursing angry femshep. That's THIS GAME.

  • I love me some Bayo and Bayo 2 is just excellent. I bought an entire console for this game and its sequel and am glad I did.

  • Hilarious, ridiculous, incredibly fun.

    So it is written.

  • If not for the big terminator ME2 would be a perfect game. Peak Bioware. Peak US RPG shooters.

  • The beginning of my introduction to a 90s comic book inspired world I wish I could get so much more of. I liked Darksiders 2, I love Darksiders 3 but Darksiders 1 was "special".

  • Saints Row 3 is just stupid and trashy and funny as fuck and I hope some day Volition can make something just as good if not better.

  • Batman.

  • I wish more games could be as legit funny as Portal 2 was. But then I also wish Valve still made real video games.

  • I killed many giant Grimlocks with my wooden stick launcher and it was great.

  • High Moon never got the praise and success they deserved for these games and it sucks.

  • SPACE MARINE OY IT DA SPACE MARINE GIT EM. If you need an introduction to the 40k universe this is probably still the best thing.

  • The power of memes Jack.

  • Orks orks orks orks orks orks. We fuuuuuucked up the sequel real bad with loot boxes and bloated unfocused level design oh noooo.

    Maybe by some miracle they'll make a third and actually take lessons from the original fanTASTIC game.

  • It is absolutely absurd that this game perfected the tone, wit and well everything that Borderlands could do and be writing wise in the hands of people who know what the fuck they're doing and somehow Gearbox managed to take not only zero lessons from it but unlearned lessons they had learned too.


  • Pinnacle of modern Lara games. Boy do I wish Shadow could have been as good.

  • I legit adored GTAV's story, and I'm really not a Rockstar games person but V was just full of shithead characters and I loved it.

  • I under appreciated U4 when it first released, in 2019 I replayed it and had a profound new appreciation for it.