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My Favorite Villains

A list of my favorite video game villains.

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  • Illidan is easily the coolest Warcraft villain, and a genuinely compelling character. He should have totally beaten Arthas.

  • I have to admit, Ansem of Kingdom Hearts really is one of my favorite game villains. This is mostly due to the fact that he was just tough enough, and evil enough to take seriously, but still hilarious! Besides, the dude's voice is epic. The wannabe in the sequel has nothing on him. Seriously.

  • A totally evil entity who is stated to be the embodiment of Soul Edge itself. This can be a little confusing in Soul Calibur III, when Siegfried has been freed from Soul Edge's control. It is stated that he has the cursed sword in his possession, and yet Nightmare's spirit is also inhabiting the his old armor thanks to Zasalamel. At any rate, he is another over-the-top villain screaming about darkness. You gotta love it! (Note: I liked his voice better before IV)

  • Crazy, evil, wandering warrior? Check. Other-worldly powers? Check. Crazy, over-the-top voice and lines? Check again. Sounds like a winner to me! Seriously, Akuma is a personal favorite of mine for similar reasons to Ansem of KH. He makes me laugh, and yet I can take him seriously as well. Epecially when the computer cheats!

  • Bowser is on this list entirely for nostalgic purposes, and also because he is my main in SSB. Remember when this guy was King Koopa? Remember when he first became Bowser in Super Mario World? What do you mean you don't? Hey, I'm not that old!

  • Dr. Robotnik is the big baddie of Sonic's games. Back in the days before we started calling him Eggman. Eggman? Seriously? I mean, I guess he will always be hilarious and memorable. It's not like he was a very serious villain anyway, but he'll always have a rather round place in my nostalgic heart.

  • The prince of the Saiyans. A crazy evil villain, turned less crazy, but still crazy, hero. He married Bulma, and they had two kids. Who'd of thought? lol

    I liked him as a villain, but he is hard to beat as an anti-hero.

  • Frieza is my very favorite Dragon Ball Z villain. Crazy, powerful, shrill voice. This guy is great! He's so evil that I can take him seriously, but so humorous that I can't help but laugh at him.

  • A very sinister and brutal guy, Magashi is a total jerk. But he makes a great villain. One of the best I've seen in a JRPG.

  • One of my favorite Star Wars villains on the whole, actually. Commanding and powerful, and totally evil. He easily rivals the Sith of the Star Wars films.

  • Another great Star Wars villain, I would have to say that Malak, like Jerec, is also on par with the Sith of the Star Wars films. Jerec's live actor's excellent portrayal puts him ahead in my book.

  • The mysterious Darth Lord of the Sith. He is said to have died in battle against Bastila. Just what became of this Dark Lord?

  • I liked him best in DW 5.

  • Hilarious like her brother. She starts out bad, but ends up marrying Krillin.

  • Hilarious character.


  • Jager is a bad guy turned good. He's also totally BA.

  • Crazy, evil, and yet awesome.

  • Darth Sion is one of my favorite Sith of all time. His character is a very unique concept, almost a zombie Sith. He keeps himself alive, holding his body together through The Force.

  • One of Marvel's greatest villains. He's honestly too cool to be the Fantastic 4's villain, and Marvel knows it. That's why he is such a prominent cross-over villain.

  • Cell is my second favorite major DBZ villain.

  • Gabranth is just plain awesome. His scene where battles Basch, and then later when he stands against Vayne are among the game's most epic sequences.

  • Garm made a great secret boss to Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. This dude was pretty tough, and came out of nowhere right when you had thought you won.

  • Memorable, challenging, pretty cool.

  • He always ate me...then I realized you could hide.

  • Evil through and through, Pecand sounds like a nut, and he is.

  • But is she really so bad?

  • The Classic boss of the Golden Axe games, Death Adder is a tough fight. His appearance as my favorite mugen character has made him all the more memorable to me. I also made a pretty cool version of him on Soul Calibur V.

  • Admittedly, I have never played a game with Darkseid in it. He jsut happens to be my favorite DC villain.