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NieR : Automata may have a top 5 soundtrack

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Top Games of 2015

Top games released in 2015 that I got to play. This was an incredible (and long ) year for games. I can honestly say though I am sick of open world games now. It's going to be annoying next year if someone releases a huge open world game.

List items

  • This game hits the mark on so many levels. Nostalgia, creativity, playability, and longevity.

    This game honestly to me was the only "innovative" game of 2015 . This game is something that can be put down and easily 2 years form now pick it back up again.

  • In a year where a ton of open world games came out (including The Witcher 3 which is one of the best) MGSV comes out and change the entire MGS formula. This game took what was great about open world action games like FarCry and perfects it. The fulton system and Mother Base systems (minus patches) makes the meta game so much fun. Sneaking into compounds and bases you have multiple options on approach that it makes you feel like a total badass.

  • The best Metroid game since the original Metroid Prime. Thomas Happ did an incredible job building the ultimate homage to Super Metroid. The weapons are great, the powerups are great, the world is weird and alien. The only bad thing about this game is this track :

  • Easily the most addicting game of 2015. If you didn't say at some point "alright one more match" you are a sad person. Controls are perfect and when a player succeeds and gets a goal, there's no better feeling.

  • This has taken what to expect of traditional JRPG/Turn based RPGs and flipped it on it's head. Each battle with an enemy is unique and funny. Just when you think you may have experienced all the gameplay thrown at you , another small piece arrives. The soundtrack is also super memorable. The track "Fallen Down" invokes a sense of when games were simpler.

  • This is the Pixar movie of video games. The art work is beautiful and this game is BRUTALLY difficult. Don't let it's cute look fool you. It's a great homage to Metroid but not as apparent as Axiom Verge. The soundtrack is top notch and control is fantastic.

  • After Mortal Kombat (MK9) on the PS3/X360/PC . I had really really high expectations of the single player in MKX. It was good, but not nearly as campy as it was in MK9. The graphics and controls in MKX were perfect though and executed well. After MK9 I never thought I would be saying "Oh I can't wait to play the single player in Mortal Kombat"

  • SimCity the reboot was a failure on so many levels. One of the biggest was because you couldn't build big cities, and they simplified it way too much.

  • This is the ultimate open world fantasy RPG. It feels like a lived in world that has people going about their day. It's more gritty than something like Dragon Age. Combat is fun and difficult at times, the story and dialog is engaging. The voice work is top notch.

  • This almost didn't make my list just because of the anger I feel because it's more Fallout 3/ Skyrim / New Vegas. The thing is though , it's more Fallout 3 / Skyrim / New Vegas and I haven't played one of those in a while so it's a nice thing to have. I think this is the last time though this formula can be used. The shooting is way improved and the characters feel great. The world itself feels a bit more full than previous entries. Writing for the story though should of been better.