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My top 8 disappointments of 2017

So here we are, the end of one of the best years in video games in the history of video and games. Unfortunately for me, missing out on a couple of games I highly anticipated, my game of the year is kind of a mess of what could have been, and this is what I was mostly left with. I did absolutely play more than 10 games this year, but in the end... about 8 of them just can't be put on a Game of the Year list unscathed. Whether it was a game I enjoyed alot, but didnt feel strongly about it at the end or... a game that just wasted my time with endless bullshit, a majority of 2017 left me disappointed... and these games are to blame.

List items

  • And this is why you should finish video games before making a list.

    After careful consideration and deciding where to put this game on the list after giving it a placeholder role. Danganronpa managed to snatch victory from the jaws of Bungie's development house. Danganronpa 3 not only invalidates the entire series as a whole, but also shits on its fans for what is essentially a call for "Hey we don't want to make these games anymore and you're to blame for it" (Yes this is the tone that I thought they were going for). To expect this game to follow up on Danganronpa 2, one of the games I consider to have one of the greatest anime stories to ever be told in a game, I guess my hopes got the better of me and I wanted something better. After V3, I sincerely hope, from the very bottom of my heart, they never make another fucking one of these games, they've ran out of ideas and clearly do not want to exert effort into creating another game that cohesively fits into "Danganronpa".

  • Yes, Destiny 2 was born to take this spot, almost by a large margin. How do you take a game that was so badly handled and fixed within the next two years of its lifespan... AND TOSS EVERYTHING INTO THE GARBAGE. There are some impressive quality of life changes with this game, but the fact that Destiny 2 in its vanilla state... had even [i]less[/i] to do in it than the game before it... You can't even argue "Oh did you do the raid on your two other characters?" shit. Destiny 1 atleast had the old style MMO I gotta upgrade my gear by collecting mats to fake a feeling of you're doing something to bide the time week after week. Destiny 2's revamped reputation system, the patrols now being meaningless, gear is now just infused or tossed away, alot of the exotics are massively underwhelming, Hunter sucks, dupes everywhere, PvP is in shambles, the small expansions are lackluster... and to top it all off it took them two hours to remove a texture on a pair of gauntlets, but it takes them a week to tweak an effect on one gun that was actually ruining everything for a good chunk of time... One of the biggest game development studios on the planet and this... oddly mirror image of the first game growing pains and all again... Fuck off Bungie, fuck off with this game I'm still actively wasting time in.

  • Do not be alarmed, this is the second time I've put an XIV expansion on a GOTY list, and while I'm having massive issues with this expansion I still love the game. I guess this is how the Destiny people feel. Yes, I'm not a fan of the battleclass overhauls they did, a lot of classes do not need a meter, with 4.1 there is a ton of UI barf in certain endgame fights that just make the game kind of hard to follow sometimes, and lets not forget the dwindling content updates we are now getting compared to 2.0. Why even put dungeons into the game if none of them are going to be fun or inventive, why put just one in per patch if they're going to be bland, stale, and unchallenging. Why make a fight that only less than one percent of people are ever going to attempt and even less of that percent clear, while there continues to only be one dungeon and or one part 24 man or raid tier. The post expansion support for both Heavensward and Stormblood have been and still are super content light and lackluster, and its a shame. To me, it feels like once 4.0 dropped... 90% of the team moved onto work on 5.0... and Stormblood is rumored to go past the original post support limit of 5 major patches... We got a long way to go and honestly its getting super disheartening.

  • A game that was hit with the Destiny/Division stick... when it didn't need it. For Honor seemed like a sure thing when it was doing its beta tests. Then the game launched, messed with a bunch of input data and network code, grabs became king of the online, Peacekeepers were broken, Lawbreakers arrived on the scene completely broken and worthless. On top of that the gear grind for a quasai fighting game... made everything worse, even more so when it was revealed it was never intended for players to "obtain everything". Honestly this game was such a debacle that it should be number 1 on how many people it swindled, but for me I wasn't anticipating it as much as my friends were, but its still a hole in my wallet.

  • So Persona 5 up until a game later in the year WAS my game of the year. Yes a game I consider a disappointment was going to be my game of the year in 2017. Persona 5 as a Persona playing GAME is the best Persona game. What lands Persona 5 as a massive disappointment is... the narrative. The story starts off so... strong, the two opening dungeons being reminiscent of Persona 4... and then the middle of the game happens and the rollercoaster that is "I NEED TO FIND MY OWN IDENTITY IN THIS SERIES" begins. Almost like scampering around for a plot threadline that made sense but also made it different from its predecessors... it just didn't pan out after Futaba... its almost like one of the later characters in the game was only in the story to... open a DNA locked door and that was essentially it. When Persona 5 Golden eventually comes out with the story hopefully tightened up and locked down better, then maybe we will talk about the good Persona 5 tried to do with its story, but for now... It stumbled hard, so hard that it just didn't do it for me.

  • So I'll just come out and say it, I'm one of those moronic people who cares about the Zelda timeline and the story it tells. This game, for me, is the MGSV equivalent of a Zelda game. It's the best time I've ever had playing one in a long time, but I made a pact to myself after almost burning out on Skyward Sword midway through that "Hey, Zelda games have good characters and a good lore, I'm going to keep playing these games just to keep up with it". If Skyward Sword didn't tell the story the way it did, BotW would not be on this list, and it would be competing for the top spot of my game of the year list. Unfortunately we don't live in that world, just like how Link doesn't live in the past where the promises of a fun story and characters are. This game is still one of the bests of the year... but once again a game where I expected more from the narrative isn't held up by its amazing gameplay.

  • On paper, and execution, this is what I wanted out of a Shadow of Mordor sequel. Yet, they thought it was a good idea to drag out the lifespan of the endgame into this tangled mess of shitty exp grinding. Where Shadow of Mordor failed for me this game succeeded by a mile... but then this game had its own custom made failings that made it end up on the middle of this list.

  • My Old Game of 2017 is to blame for this. I came into Granblue two years into its lifespan and was swarmed with shit to do. I came into Fire Emblem on launch and didn't get Tharja until months later and had almost nothing to do on launch I hate you japanese gacha games.