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Weasel's Anticipated Games of 2020

Once again I'm not thrilled with the prospects of next year, but I'm hoping for some gems.

With the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X coming out in the holiday season next year, there is a ton to be excited about, if we ever learn what kinds of launch titles will be coming out for them. But since we have a lack of information on that, as well as the fact that I am rarely an early adopter of new consoles when they first come out, I have a somewhat existing list of games that I am somewhat anticipating for 2020. Note that with most of these games, I am apprehensively interested as we really have no idea what these games could turn out to be, so here's to hoping for a good batch of games next year.

List items

  • This game is the only one on my list that I am for sure excited for without many reservations. I played a decent amount of the original Persona 5 game but never finished it, so when I heard that they were coming out with a bigger version of it, I decided that I would wait and actually complete the game when the Royal version releases over here in the West. If you weren't a fan of the original Persona 5, I'm sure that this isn't going to sway you, but if you're even slightly interested in the series, this may be the one to look forward to in the end.

  • I want to be excited for this, I really do. But I'm so scared that it isn't going to be the game that I've been thinking it will be, so I'm keeping my expectations low. I know that the game is graphically impressive and might be fun for people who enjoy first person shooters, but it's the world that they are creating around it and the quality of the story and missions that I'm most interested in. I didn't like The Witcher 3 because of the feel of it, so I'm holding out my opinion on Cyberpunk 2077 until I can feel it for myself, so we'll see if this game turns out to be the big hit of 2020 that everyone thinks it will be.

  • As you may have already realized, I am a huge fan of strategy games of all varieties, so when I heard that the folks behind the Endless series' were making a Civilization-like game, I was instantly interested. While we haven't seen or heard much about it, other than the fact that it is extremely open ended and looks very much like a Civilization game, I enjoyed the Endless series' quite a bit, so I am excited for their take on a classic Civilization game (caveat: if it comes out in 2020).

  • There isn't a new entry for this in the Giant Bomb system, but the remakes of the original Langrisser I & II games comes out in March of 2020. I didn't know much about Langrisser until one of my coworkers recommended a mobile game that is based on Langrisser, but it hooked me to the point where I'm very curious to see what the original games feel like. If you like Fire Emblem, this is another take on that type of gameplay style, so keep your eyes peeled for this to come out in the early months of next year.

  • Color me surprised that it isn't in the Giant Bomb system yet, or at least I couldn't find it, but The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is set to release in 2020. Frankly, I enjoyed the heck out of the nonsense that was the original, so I can't seem to find a reason that more of that could be bad. We shall certainly see, however. Eight.