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E3 '10 Most Anticipated

So E3 '10 is upon us... not the tenth E3, just E3 '10... Well OK, it's really E3 2010, but not the two thousand and tenth... never mind.  Anyway, here's what I'm looking forward to hearing more about this year.  Hurray for quest fulfill... I mean, making lists, yay!

List items

  • Definitely my most looked forward to game of the past year. Ever since Beatles: Rock Band put the idea of triple harmonies in my head, I knew it couldn't be long before they were in Rock Band proper, and then Bohemian Rhapsody would be there... ahh... THEN they announced six string controllers & keyboards and my head exploded with awesome. Scientists are currently reassembling it as I type this.

  • I don't care what anyone says, most of the Halo novels are damn well written. I've been waiting, WAITING for someone to adapt Fall of Reach into SOMETHING. I had hopes that Peter Jackson was making a movie out of it for a while, but that fizzled out. I thought ODST might be covering it a little bit, but all in all, I'm glad the dudes at Bungie get to cap their involvement in the Halo universe with this title. The beta was a blast & reminded me of why I love Halo. Plus, JETPACKS! So cool.

  • I loved LBP, despite all it's flaws & floaty jump mechanics. I am not a level creator in the slightest, but seeing what other people do with the tools is simply stunning. I cannot wait to see what they come up with this time, since the toolset seems to have been expanded significantly.

  • Star Wars is in my blood. It is part of me. I had such a good time playing the first Unleashed, flinging stormtroopers around and slicing jawas in half, that it is impossible not to be excited for this one.

  • Never even heard of this franchise until this new one was upon us, so I have no anger towards the changes being made to it. However, I dug the first Bioshock, haven't played the second, and the trailer for this kind of itched that same scratch... wait... reverse that. Regardless, anytime you put me in what looks like Pleasantville and make me shoot creepy, crawly, oily beasties, I'm a happy guy.

  • See Below...

  • Both Sony & Microsoft are releasing new ways to control their consoles. I'm far more interested in ex-Natal/Kinect can do, but I thought I'd include the Move as well. For the record, both names are at least as dumb as Wii. However, if it replicates the Minority Report experience well enough, I might look past that in Kinect's defense.

  • Continuing the trend of new hardware, I just want to know what the hell this damn thing is. Chances are, they'll show something impressive and I'll completely change my tone, but at the moment, this seems stupid and unnecessary. You've got some 'splainin' to do Nintendo, sell me on it.

  • I wonder how much Molyneaux... Peter can promise the sky to us, and has, for the past 2 Fables. This time, however, he seems to be delivering on his promises. Has the world gone all topsy-turvy? Will we, perhaps, get what was outlined? We shall see, Peter, we shall see...

  • Last, bu not least on my E3 top ten, is Respawn Entertainment. I just want to know what the plan/deal/game is. I hope Jason & Vince have time to take away from Activision's legion of lawsuits against them to make an appearance at E3 and promise us that they are moving forward with whatever they're working on. That's all, simple hopes.

  • We shall see how it all goes down...