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Games for couples

These are games that my wife and I have enjoyed playing together. I do not guarantee your own success in playing these with your significant other, but it may be worth a shot.

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  • Another one that almost anyone can appreciate.

  • Just about any variation is good simple fun that anyone can enjoy. They all support multiplayer as well.

  • This is just an awesome game. It has Bejeweled for my lady and an RPG for me. I was also able to introduce her to the concepts of advancing her character, choosing spells, using spells strategically, and thinking x moves ahead.

  • Does an excellent job of making each character feel like an indispensable part of the unit. This game has some of the best co-op gameplay I have ever experienced. I only wish it had been vanilla split screen rather than the strange offset thirds of the screen.

  • This is a game that doesn't rely of twitch action and allows for some collaboration in determining which loot to equip. Players also benefit from trading loot that they can't use to a partner who can.

  • If you and your partner are both somewhat compulsive, you may find that the draw of loot is enough to bring someone who doesn't typically play shooters into the shooter fold.

  • Like most couples, my wife and I both work. This game is great for us because we don't really always play enough in a month to justify a subscription fee.

  • Great for unwinding after a day of work, this game will turn frowns upside down for you and your better half.

  • Lara Croft has that most satisfying of co-op mechanics where each character has abilities the other needs to traverse obstacles and defeat enemies.

  • After adjusting to the isometric viewpoint, my wife fell in love with this game. It's incredibly satisfying when we team up to trounce the opponent. It's at least as frustrating when we ourselves get trounced, but it remains fun regardless of the outcome.

  • Free-form collaborative creativity. It's like an infinite Lego set! We have a little house on the hill feeding into our initial mine. It has a fireplace and a painting on the wall... all the comforts of home!