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@mike: Well the rumors say it could be the next generation Tegra not the current model which is why I said that it was possible. If they use the current one then no, but the next generation version, if they use the 14 nm process used in the 1000 line of desktop cards definitely could. Using that process we saw a 50% performance improvement or more per watt over the last generation 900 chips. A Tegra that is 1.5x-2.0x more powerful than the current model would definitely come close to the Xbox One at least in terms of raw power and could possibly trump the PS4 in certain ways.

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@hayt: The TEGRA is the most powerful mobile graphics card in the world, so yes it is quite good and better than the Wii U. It is possibly even about equivalent to the Xbox One and PS4 although definitely inferior to PS Neo and Project Scorpio.

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@ivdamke: While I haven't played Dragon Age 3 yet I can't say I've had that issue with any of Bioware's other titles. I'm almost positive that I have the Black Emporium but I don't recall it unbalancing that game for me. And the preorder stuff/dlc in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 were additional missions and some good but not game breakingly powerful weapons. To be honest the only other game I can think of where the various preorder bonuses and dlc really killed the balance was Saint's Row The Third. I got the GOTY edition that included all of everything released for the game which included a super tank that let me beat pretty much every mission without issue, but Saint's Row is a series about absurd and over the top abilities so I thought it worked for that game. While the various bonuses and DLC oftentimes slightly alter the game balance it is pretty rare I think for them to completely ruin the entire progression system of a game like they do in Blacklist.

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So I know I'm like five years late to the party, but I finally started playing Splinter Cell Blacklist. I got the deluxe edition in a Humble Bundle and like most special editions it comes with some special in game content. But while most special edition content contains weapons or gear better than what you start with but not as good as what you will eventually receive, the weapons in the deluxe edition of this game are the second best weapon of each type in the game. Being a Ubisoft title the game also supports Uplay and I had a couple hundred points saved up so I unlocked the special armor and the $200,000 worth of currency. So first mission of the game I had essentially the best armor in the game, the second best pistol and assault rifle each fully upgraded, and the crossbow for non-lethal takedowns.

To put in perspective how unbalanced this made the game, the wave based survival side missions are often cited as being quite difficult for a single player but I made it through 10 waves with only the final couple giving me any sort of issue. Basically these upgrades make Sam unstoppable regardless of how you want to play, especially because you don't need to spend your in game currency on weapons and armor. So by the halfway mark I had fully upgraded the plane, fully upgraded my gloves (the one piece of armor the Uplay stuff doesn't give you a great version of), and nearly fully upgraded my goggles. Plus I had purchased and fully upgraded the best pistol and assault rifle.

So is it just me or does all of Ubisoft's bonus content make this game something of a joke and completely ruin the progression system?

Also, yes I know I could just ignore all the freebies if I wanted but that just seems dumb to me.

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@ntm: I can definitely see how you would be disappointed if you went in expecting something of the same quality as Bioshock or Half-Life 2. I am a sucker for upgrade systems in games, especially ones that reward using your abilities to find secret areas. So that was pretty much what made it work for me. A lot of the best puzzles involving your time powers are entirely optional but reward you with an insane amount of E99 if you complete them. Of course that makes the game stupid easy towards the end but then it just plays into the whole power fantasy aspect which works for the final third of the game. But never is it on the same level as the games that inspired it.

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@ntm: I played the PC version pretty recently. While it wasn't that great visually it definitely was way better than the 360 version was. I recalled thinking the 360 version was okay when I played it around release. Playing the PC version earlier this year actually gave me a new appreciation for it. 60 fps gameplay really changes the feel of a shooter in a way it does for only a few other genres. Plus using driver level enhancements and/or SweetFX you can get the game looking at least decent. I used DSR to downscale the game from a 2k internal resolution which resolved most of the aliasing and pixel shimmering. You can also use either SweetFX or your graphic's cards control panel to add ambient occlusion and other post-process effects which can make the game look fine. Plus that 60 hz refresh makes a huge difference in the feel of the gunplay, taking it from decent to pretty good. The game is never as good as Bioshock or Half Life 2 but I found that at least on PC I ended up enjoying a second playthrough.

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@ntm: If they continued supporting the drivers and you could continue putting it into newer motherboards so you could upgrade the other components of the computer then it has enough power to last for a decade or more. But chances are Nvidia will drop driver support before then and/or Microsoft will come out with a version of DirectX that is incompatible with some part of the card. But if the software and hardware allowed there would be nothing stopping that card from running games at 1080p until Intel figures out how to get dye sizes down below 10 nm, which considering it took them over a decade to get down to 16 nm I wouldn't count on the next jump happening any time soon, if ever.

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@berserk539: I feel like you must have looked into Spy Hunter already, but in case you haven't could it be Spy Hunter or one of its sequels?

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@zevvion: Rage definitely had some great AI and enjoyable locations to fight in. The final act was just not up to par with the rest of the game, and the whole debacle with the PC version's state at launch really ruined any goodwill people had towards Id at the time, but definitely an underrated title in my mind.

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@zevvion: I think part of the reason is that AI like that doesn't work in either the very linear, scripted levels seen in most shooters last generation, or the vast open worlds seen this generation. I haven't played the new Wolfenstein or Doom games but I would imagine they have similarly complex AI just due to the structure of the level design. A big thing in FEAR is that there is no stealth component. That makes the AI design very different than in many modern games where enemy AI can "lose" you. So there are a bunch of different explanations, from it being really hard, to it not working super well with how level design has gone for the past two generations. Plus it's worth mentioning that complex AI eats a lot of CPU time and CPU power is something consoles this generation are very short on.