Sergeant Sphynx's Favorite Games of the year 2018 that may or may not have originally released in 2018. AKA GotY 2018

A lot happened this year. A lot of shitty things and a lot of good things. On the personal side of things this year was neutral, I graduated university with a mechanical engineering degree but broke up with a partner who I thought was a perfect fit. On the grand scale of the world in total, this year was shitty. Some good things happened but they were dwarfed by the shear number of bad things. So on the escape side of things, there are video games.

Ah video games. I think it was a good year in games. Granted there were some garbage fires and bad business practices that resulted in people not being paid and having their livelihoods taken from them. On the whole though, I think video games had an overall positive year. Game workers started organizing and unionizing. There were some really good games this year and quite a variety at that. It seems to me that regardless of one's tastes, it was easy to find a game this year that scratches that itch.

I haven't actually finished every game on my list this year, and several of the games I actually played last year while they were in early access. But these are the games that I played and enjoyed the most this year.

Some honorable mentions that just missed my top ten:

Yoku's Island Express

Donut County



List items

  • I've played two Assassin's Creed games this year. I started and played AC:Origins to completion just 4 months ago. You would think that I would be burnt out on them, but Odyssey is just so good. Kassandra is without any doubt my favorite character of the year. The writing in this game is that good in the character moments. This might be the recency bias talking, but I think this game might be my favorite Assassin's Creed game with Origins a close second. Relatedly, Bayek is my second favorite AC character right behind Kassandra. Ubisoft has really knocked it out of the park with these two protagonists. I'm only 2/3 through this game but I love exploring Greece. It helps that it is a setting that I have an interest in historically. This game has made me realize that the parts of games that really stick with me for the most part are the character moments. That isn't to say I don't like games that focus on mechanics, but characters are what I truly enjoy.

  • This game made me care about and actually like Kratos. That in and of itself is an grand accomplishment. Again, characters help make a game. The setting, controls, and gameplay make this a good game, but the character interactions and development of Kratos and Atreus elevate this game to greater heights. I am really looking forward to a sequel for this game, the scene after you finish the game and return to the house is just so good.

  • I actually haven't played much Dead Cells this year. I beat it while it was in early access last year and early this year. I think I beat it shortly after it came out of early access as well. I still play it from time to time and still really enjoy it. There is some character in this game, but the rest of it is just so well done that I cannot recommend this game enough. I need play through it again but it has become my traveling game since I bought it on Switch.

  • I have only played the first non-tutorial story mission and then went back to the Hitman 1 maps to get those masteries. I think I might be doing this game a disservice because I really think this game might jump up to vying for #1 if I completed it. Many words have been said about Hitman by people more eloquent than I, suffice to say, you should play Hitman 2 and the Hitman 1 maps in it. So good.

  • To be honest, I am not a huge Spider-man fan. I like him well enough but I never really followed the comics much except back when Carnage was introduced and Venom was featured heavily in them. I never really watched the movies either. This game though is really good. The characters in it are very well written, it's super fun to swing around NYC, and the pacing is really good as well. I will say I didn't expect parts of that ending.

  • An insurance adjuster takes a mystical watch to a ghost ship to discover what happened and who should get a payment. Kinda a fucked up situation, but a really enjoyable puzzle game, as Rami Ismail said, murder sudoku. And it was entirely my shit.

  • Dragon Quest might just be my favorite franchise of all time. Dragon Warrior remains in my top three games of all time. DQV is a phenomenal game and DQVIII is one of my favorite games to replay. DQXI has two different endings, I've gotten the first and have a save right before getting the second. I'll return to it one day, probably middle of next year. As with other games on my list, it's the characters that I really enjoy in this game. It would probably be higher, but there are mechanical/story tropes the game uses that I really despise.

  • A really good Castlevania game, but not a metroidvania. I played through it to get all the endings, it was just that enjoyable. And frustrating.

  • I don't have much to say about this game other than that I really enjoyed it and the characters are what stuck with me

  • Haven't beaten this game yet and am only about 1/3 the way through if I had to guess. The visual style is excellent and I really enjoy the characters with all their idiosyncrasies.