Sergeant Sphynx's Favorite Games of the year 2018 that may or may not have originally released in 2018. AKA GotY 2018

A lot happened this year. A lot of shitty things and a lot of good things. On the personal side of things this year was neutral, I graduated university with a mechanical engineering degree but broke up with a partner who I thought was a perfect fit. On the grand scale of the world in total, this year was shitty. Some good things happened but they were dwarfed by the shear number of bad things. So on the escape side of things, there are video games.

Ah video games. I think it was a good year in games. Granted there were some garbage fires and bad business practices that resulted in people not being paid and having their livelihoods taken from them. On the whole though, I think video games had an overall positive year. Game workers started organizing and unionizing. There were some really good games this year and quite a variety at that. It seems to me that regardless of one's tastes, it was easy to find a game this year that scratches that itch.

I haven't actually finished every game on my list this year, and several of the games I actually played last year while they were in early access. But these are the games that I played and enjoyed the most this year.

Some honorable mentions that just missed my top ten:

Yoku's Island Express

Donut County



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