My Top Ten games of all time (Of all tiiiime!)

Clearly this is a subjective list, it's also a WIP list that will, like everything in my life, probably never be finished but hey ho that's just how it is.

List items

  • Perfection incarnate.

  • This is a total cheat, I can't decide which is my favourite from VII, VIII and X and rather than clogging this whole list up with Final Fantasy games I'm just going to put the franchise as a whole in, even the god awful XIII and mediocre at best XV.

  • Simply put, this game is incredible. I had high hopes for Journey going in as I'm a huge fan of flower and it didn't disappoint for one second. This short 2-3 hour experience packed more emotional punch for me than almost anything else in years.

    With both beautiful visuals and music it really is a treat for all senses and left me feeling a kind of joy for gaming I haven't really felt since I started playing games over 15 years ago. To say something for it's appeal as well, my wife who is one of the pickiest gamers I know and will put a game down forever for one tiny flaw, has never really replayed anything and yet even she has played through this multiple times and still to this day goes back to it when she feels an urge. It's ability to not only tell a coherent story with no written or spoken words as well as to create an incredible bond with players from across the world with nothing more than a simple chime noise speaks volumes for this game. It's not just a game, it's an experience.

  • The original demo for Skate was incredible, you had 30 minutes in the beginner park and I must of put at least 20 hours into it while waiting for the game. Skate quickly became one of my favourites when it was finally released and the game was only improved upon by the sequel.

    Sadly I wasn't much of a fan of the more online focus of Skate 3 as well as the new cleaner and down right emptier city it let you run riot in. While I think we will never see a Skate 4 now, I'd probably give up a lung just to play it.

  • Probably the best open world game ever made (Let's see what RDR2 does ay...)

    I love everything about this, everything!

    Except the online, which is a trash fire.

  • Love this game, LOVE IT. Not sure why it struck such a chord with me but I've 100%'d it on three different platforms for a reason surely.

    I think something also has to be said for it's incredibly troubled development which just makes me so surprised it turned out so well. Here's hoping for a sequel one day, as I'm a little sceptical of 'Triad Wars'

  • Pokémon at it's finest, 16 gyms, 2 classic regions, Pokémon that follow the player, seasons, it's just great. Hopefully we'll get back to this level again, but after recent entries and Let's go Pikachu looking barebones and heavily Go focused I'm sadly skeptical.

  • Just for shear breadth of content this game is astounding. Add to that a modding community that is still going strong 4 years later and this is still my fall back game for when I'm not sure what to play on Steam.

  • One of the first point and click adventure games I ever played and one of the first to really feel like a globe trotting adventure. Full of mystery, beautiful scenery, great jokes and amazing music this game will always hold a special place in my heart.