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Mmmm Plastic wrap.

Over the past few years I've formed a dangerous and frustrating habit of purchasing video games to play 'one day' as if I don't buy it right then it will cease to exist or something. Here is a list of some of them!

P.S, I have a problem.

List items

  • Speaking of Tales games, I purchased a sealed copy of Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 sometime around 2010/2011, by then I had firmly moved onto PS3 and PC almost exclusively and so this one has also sat sealed, waiting.

  • Bought recently in a flash sale on Amazon, will probably stay sealed for a long time.

  • Bought as part of a triple pack for Ps3 with Tales of Symphonia and its (apparently) terrible sequel.

  • I worked on this, so I'm never opening it for multiple reasons lol.

  • I've got both this and the 1.5 Remix. The reason the 1.5 Remix isn't on this list as I've opened it and played about 2 hours worth. Can't really start this one till I finish that though right?!

  • Purchased for 3DS in a crazy sale that saw it cost me about £8. Bit of a waste really seeing as I actively dislike Donkey Kong games and have yet to open this.

  • I love the main WiiU game, and so purchased this one almost as some kind of moral support. Never even opened it.

  • ... despite owning two of them. (And I had to stop myself buying paper jam the other day!)

  • I bought this recently after hearing it was the best in the series, the best in a series of games I've not played any of...

  • My love of Persona 3 and 4 has led me to try the main series that it sprang from, at least... to purchase one in a sale at least.

  • I don't even like Monster Hunter, but it was a Nintendo promotion a few years ago, register two games and get a third from a short list for free. This was the best there was...

  • I love RPG's, and I love Football so this seems like the perfect game for me. I picked it up in a game shop that was closing down a few years ago for pretty cheap but have yet to open it. I think the knowledge that there are now like, 8 of the games has put me off in all honesty, like I could be opening a huge can of worms. Maybe it's better left sealed...

  • By the time this limited run RPG came to europe my Wii had a layer of dust so thick on it that it might as well of not been there. I missed my chance and was gutted when I went looking a few months later at the crazy prices people were asking.

    So when it came to the New 3DS it gave me a great excuse to pick it up (And a New 3DS...)

    Sadly, with Xenoblade Chronicles X now out, I've yet to play either of them... despite owning both.

  • I was too young and too firmly attached to my Mega Drive to ever get to play Chrono Trigger when it was originally released, I've spent years regretting that and so when it was finally available on DS I snapped up a copy before they all vanished. Now if only I had the 'time' to play it. Get it? 'Time', because it's about time travel... or so I've heard.

  • The original Kingdom Hearts was a great game, it combined my love of Final Fantasy with my childhood love of Disney into a fun and interesting RPG, everything after that has only mudded that water with confusing character and story development and falling down a deep rabbit hole of anime bullshit.

    I still own a copy of this terribly named game, unopened of course!, as I always intend to get back in and play every game in the series.

    Any... day.... now...

  • I really liked Dragon Quest VIII OK?

  • Dragon Quest VIII was the first game in the series I played and I loved it, enough to pick up VI on DS and never open it!

  • I loved Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube and sadly it was the last tales game to be released in europe until Tales of Vesperia 6 years later. When this game finally made it's way to Europe for the 3DS then I jumped at the chance to own it, and then sit on it... still sealed.