Games of 2016

These are the games that came out in 2016 that I have played. I want to keep track of the number of new games I have played during the year. This is my ranked list of best games for 2016.

List items

  • Yep. Its DOOM in 2016. Had a blast, rip and rendering playing this. Really liked it a lot. Fast action with an interesting, if somewhat simple, story. Best boss of the year Cyber Demon!!

  • Currently on PreOrder. Will probably begin playing on Feb. 5th when it is released.

    I have played the crap out of this title. Finished the campaign on Normal and liked the story overall. Have been trying and failing to complete the game on at Commander Ironman mode with the two DLCs enabled.

  • A damn fine RTS. Loved the original Homeworld and this game lives up to its predecessor. The story gives you an emotional hook that wants you to keep going. The concept of a land carrier also is too cool to ignore.

  • Short but really tight game. Great environmental story telling and interesting game play. I found the ending to be kinda flat but really enjoyed the journey to get there.

  • Awesome game. The open ended nature of this title I really liked. First play through took around 40 hrs. Didn't seem like tho.. felt like 20. Started a new game right after I finished.

  • Okay they get 8th place for passing up on the name... Should be Total Warhammer! Period. Other than that I find its playing really well. One of the best in the Total War series. With the new updates to the AI, the game is starting to shine. In the beginning tho, I was finding it a tough going, not due to extreme difficulty, but to the lack there of. They do a good job on distinguishing the different races as they all play very differently: from the book of grudges for the dwarfs to the undead influence spreading out like the Zerg creep.

  • A really fine followup to Civ V. The ability to build districts outside of the core hex of your city really opens up strategic possibilities. And the way the military units can combine into more powerful units is an interesting way of overcoming the one unit per hex restriction. The only knock I have against it is that its too similar in graphic style and base game play to Civ V.

  • Wow, I really Love/Hate this game. I love it that it really captures the exploration aspect so often overlooked in the 4x genre. And with them added new content to extend the story, I am really loving it. Too bad the mid game is such a grind. I find my empire often gets stuck at the running out of influence bit and struggling with managing that instead of dealing with other empires.

  • Really liking this even tho I haven't completed it yet. I am just at the part where it gets interesting.

  • Also a Love/Hate/Love game for me. Nostalgia is strong in this one as it really models after the old Moo2 game. I love the fact that Moo is back, but hate how multiplayer tends to be drawn out affairs where nothing happens for hundred turns (between the players). But then they add in soo much new content (again modeled after the moo2 from years past) that the single player feels good again. Hopefully they can develop some new mechanics or gameplay in the future to help distinguish it from it's past.

  • I really appreciate the direction that this game was going in. An RTS based on an economic model is instead of a pull military one. It looked really cool too. Played the intro and then never came back. Not really sure why...

  • Really cool concept and art direction. Even the base fighting mechanic is good too. But I picked the wrong platform to try to play this on, the Vita. The arcane interface I never got over and found to be really frustrating. Maybe will play again if it goes on steam sale.

  • I like the concept of the game.. cut to the chase and give me interesting bosses to battle. Only made it to the second one where I couldn't get by. Put it on my 'Games to try again' list.

  • Started playing on Jan. 28th on PS4. I got 3 of the lasers activated when I bounced from the game. Cool world and concept but the puzzles got to me. Probably will revisit in the future.. not sure when tho.

  • Yeah I had high hopes with this one. Don't get me wrong, I see why people like the series but it isn't for me. I got about half way through and realized I wasn't connecting with any of the characters... even my main. The story was standard beat the evil bad/good/neutral guys. The gameplay was good but didn't really hold my interest. Maybe not the one to start the series on.