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There's a guy being a dick, why haven't you banned him yet?

Contrary to popular belief, the moderators do not possess a collective spidey-sense that goes off whenever someone breaks the rules. If you see someone being a twat, flag their comment or PM a moderator. There's a button you can press to PM all mods at the same time. Go and find it.

It was you. You were the guy being a dick.

Yeah. Irony, right?

Do you get paid?

In smiles and handjobs. No actual money though - all moderators are volunteers, giving up their free time to help out the staff. Some of us even have real jobs, for when we aren't moderating.

Can I be a moderator?


You don't seem to do much.

I'm tired, leave me alone.

Thanks, Sweep.

You're welcome.

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