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list of your most anticipated games from E3

so this is my list, not everything will be on cuza that will take ages to make but its a pritty good representation of my intrests.

List items

  • dude,come on this is the no brainer for those who actualy have brains! the possibilities are limitless...or it could just be another ocarina of timelessness and neverending remakes,but if it looks like crack cocain,smells like crack cocain,tastes like crack cocain,and feels like crack cocain,ill make that bird of paridise fly up my ever needing nose nomatter what the cost.oh and yeah wii motion plus.

  • where to begin...well i was a wee litle boy who didnt know games fo crap but had all the joy in the world with whatever i could sneak past my christian"games are the devil!"father and there it was,a xbox live pamphlet that showed me that with a head set,a gold acount,TrueFantasyLiveOnline and a little bit of faith i could enter a hole new world, i remember all i wanted was a xbox and at the time xbox lives possibilities seemed infinite,and "level 5" was going to pioneer the console mmo frontier and not yet fully realized potential of xbox live,they told me i could be a brave knight,a cook,a traveling merchant,or even mayor of a town and that had me daydreaming of all the adventures to come,but good things die young and though the promotional videos showed a fully featured game the very importent Online side of things were not even started and after requesting more money and time from microsoft and being refused,level five stoped development of the game. they went on to make games like dragon quest vii and white knight chronicles,it may be just a pipe dream but maybe,just maybe level 5 can take what they learned from there MO like white knight chronicles and pick this one back up so i can finaly see the lands sof True Fantasy Live Online i dreamed of so many yras ago.

  • bad company was good and all but i want something more non nuterd for the mases and something more like BF2,please for the love of all things still sacred and not nerfed be a pc excluesive.

  • simply put,snowblind. these are the masterminds behind baldur's gate dark alliance, one of the most consle co-op hack`n`slash fun ever to be given to man,ok that sentence sounds strange.

  • ahh,"my life as a king" of albion...nuf said.

  • where do i have to go and who do i have to see to augment this to my brain?

  • if this is anything like the first game then i know what im getting in to,tommy-guns,car chases,set-ups,betrail,love,lies,and the most cinimatic gameplay that made you feel like you were the mafioso to not fuck with,this game made the godfather 2&3 look like kids stuff and was so diffrent from your standard GTA clone that i wouldent even call it that.

  • id tech 5 is going to open a portal to a mega-textured hell like never before.

  • former interplay peeps obsidian is making this trip back to the wastland that just might wash away the scars of "Fallout 3 the fall of fallout" whitch by the way was oblivion with guns like it or not,and to me there was no fallout 3,and bethesda died after morrowind and everything past that point are abominations that should never bare the name of the masterpices it tries so foolishly to imitate and so miserably fails to do so.

  • advanced warfighter for the pc was one of the ebst tactical squad based fps sims to date,though this looks mutch mor like the xbox versions and mor action oriented the technology the ghosts have are enough to win me over.

  • just gtive me all my side-scrolling beat em up gore action glory in highdef and ill be a happy.

  • pc bentchmark genocide is about to begin.

  • what bioshock promised hydrophobia shall deliver.


  • the 50`s,aliens,alien technology,guns,and tactics,now all we need is a global map and bases and ill join the X-COM.

  • will this gaspowerd collusion based rts even be at e3? who knows.

  • dungeon keeper 3 will forever be waited for till Peter Molyneuxs revolutionary balls drop to the floor dead.

  • Gears on Crack,just what the doctor ordered.

  • give me Valkyria Chronicles 2 thats not for my psp,even if its just a psp port with everything in high-def and on a blueray disc.

  • wheres my ps3 remake that i saw footage for years ago? its long overdue and i wont play FFVII till its in my hands.

  • whatever beast these guys are going to make that will hunt down and kill bobby cotec,i want some.

  • forever in our duke. just release all the content and every buld made so far and call it a nonfiction documentary and ill buy.

  • ultima x,not a chance EA will pull there head out there ass and realize what a cashcow they fucked up.