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The Community Dump

A biased, offensive, irrational, goofy, and heavily opinionated look at the online communities that make me want to huddle in a corner and cry. I'm not telling you how to feel....

I'm telling you how I feel.

If you don't fit the descriptions listed below, then God bless you, we are now BFF's. : 3

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  • The desolate wasteland. Forums filled with the most idiotic, bi-polar, and psychotic individuals on the Internet today. I suppose it's expected, however, that one of gaming's largest consumer bases would have the biggest number of nitwits.

    My personal favorite is all the "I quit" threads by people who delete their characters, come back two weeks later, and roll five new toons. Dafuq.....?

  • Some of these guys and gals are just WAY too fucking angry and snooty for their own good. Stop yelling at devs that are not Team Silent. TS is gone. They are never coming back.

    Think of the children.

  • Combine the volcanic anger of the Silent Hill collective with loads of hot animal on animal anal sex. Another group that really needs a couple Valium and a nap.

    Although I will concede on Sonic 2006. That shit was weird.

  • Bioware fans have always been bitter and cynical in my eyes, but the double whammy of Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 have really sent them over the deep end. I could care less who's right and wrong in regards to endings, content, or whatever. The hate and anger is just too irritating for me. I wash my hands of the community completely.

    And fuck you, EA/Bioware, for causing all this. >:I

  • Capcom's recent decisions regarding the Blue Bomber have really sent these folks over the deep end, and have come dangerously close to sending me into the nuthouse.

    Not that they weren't crazy to begin with. Thanks for prodding them with a stick, Capcom. Really appreciate that.

  • For every decent individual out there, there's five Compton-Ass Terry wannabes. Spittin' mad game, hating on women, gambling, bitching about tiers, and generally being a motherfucking nuisance to anybody that wants to play a round like gentlemen.

    And God forbid your favorite character doesn't make the roster....

  • Or "Every online FPS ever"

    Pretty tame compared to the ones above, but still chock full of southern accents, eight year old children, and liberal usage of phrases and terms like "gay nigger", "faggot", and "cunt whore bitch".

    CoD, Halo, Battlefield, etc.