Warrior Maidens: Top 20 JRPG "Warrior" Heroines

Full credit to @werezombie on Twitter for coming up with the idea for this list.

Basically, there is an unfortunate stereotype in JRPGs that a lot of the heroines have to be physically weak support characters, or mages. However there are a few battle hardened ladies that stand out among their more fragile peers, and in some cases are even stronger, and more badass than their accompanying male cast. And in most cases, they tend to be some of my all-time favorite characters.

What follows is a list of 20 of said women, each accompanied by a short blurb about why I love them.

Also, you may notice that there's only 18 girls in the list below, that's because I couldn't find two of them in the Giant Bomb wiki, so here they are, and the position that they'd be ranked if they were on the list:

15 Melvia (Atelier Totori): She's a freakishly strong axe wielding warrior. She's pretty much the best character in the game, and she's also pretty funny, and slightly perverted.

17 Oulan (Suikoden II): Tough as nails martial artist. She's not the best in a fight oddly enough, but I still love her.

List items

  • My all time favorite. Lenneth is the OG battle maiden for me. All clad in beautiful armor, and her dutiful personalty. Lenneth gets shit done, and does it well. Nibelung Valesti!

  • KOS-MOS often competes with Lenneth for number one, and I can't think of a single reason why I like her less. She's a sexy robot lady who can hold her own against about pretty much anything.

  • Nephenee is the persona of all a character on this list should be. Clad in armor, fighting with a polearm, and being absurdly overpowered. It also doesn't hurt that she's an adorable country girl.

  • Foul mouthed Kaine is just the sort of badass I like. Underneath her rough exterior she has a heart wrenching story. Bonus points for having an interesting "trait", a gorgeous theme song, and fucking chainsaw swords.

  • Chris is probably my favorite Suikoden character, and fits the bill of battle maiden perfectly. The Silver Maiden presents an interesting character arc, and she has armor!

  • Agrias is another one of my original armor clad crushes. When you first see her, she is undoubtly awe inspiring. She shares a sense of nobility and duty with both Lenneth, and Chris.

  • Judith fights with a spear, which automatically makes her cooler. But she's also a flirty and playful character that really makes a better partner to Yuri in my opinion.

  • Mitsuru is a cold bitch. And I'm totally fine with that. And once you get past the layers of her icy heart, she shows some real love for the protagonist.

  • Argilla is the namesake for a lot of my characters. And for good reason: she's awesome! She's a sniper, and Prithivi is pretty sweet too.

  • Aya is simply cool, and pretty handy with a firearm.

  • Alkaid is so tsun tsun it hurts. And one of the few characters of that arch type that I really like. She has an awesome design.

  • Alena is a classic. She's so badass that she fought in a tournament all by herself, and can really strike some nasty critical hits with her claw weapons. Plus she's a Tsarevna, how cool, right?

  • Truthfully, I originally liked Terra more, but after a recent playthrough I realized Celes is a much better character. She's a much stronger character, and hey she can also do any combo of dual wielding Atma Weapon/Excalibur/Ragnarok with Offering and Genji Glove. ROCK

  • Freya is a Dragoon, therefore she fights with a lance, therefore she is immediately awesome. See also, nobility! duty! honor! Yep, yep, and yep.

  • Fran isn't a warrior in the typical sense (I mean she can be if you want though) but she's a tough, sexy bunny lady.

  • Kumatora is a brawler who isn't afraid to get in a scrap. Her name is also literally Bear Tiger. How badass is that?

  • Critical! Lyn is an awesome swordmaiden.

  • I only just recently discovered how great Alys is, but she's definitely up there with the other ladies on this list. Presenting her as this awesome character early in the game certainly pays off, and the plot twist is crazy.