Games I've Spent the Most Time On

Whether or not I'd like to play it right now, this is my approximation for each game. Also, this is a sort of relative list, where some games may not have the sheer number of hours dedicated to them, they may be games that wouldn't lend themselves to being played so much (like my absurd time with SotC and Assassin's Creed 1).

Updated Summer 2012

Updated Christmas 2012

Updated Christmas 2013

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  • 375 hours according to my stats.

    Easily my #1 game overall. Just really got into the game. I got into a mode where whenever I felt like playing a game, this would be the one. I also got really got on 360, 2.09 K/D, over 2.00 Win/Loss, and in server sizes of 24 players, I got first place overall 621 times from 1624 matches, a 38% chance.

  • Series overall I'm guessing around 300 hours.

    Lots of RB1 and RB2... barely any RB3. By then I had grown tired of it.

  • At the time of writing around 264 hours in the main game.

    But I put this higher because I got to play it in both the Alpha and Beta, which I suspect combined give me another 40 hours experience with the game. I doubt I'll break my record with Bad Company 2, but this really just cements the fact that Battlefield is my favorite series.

  • 258 hours online.

    Around 200 hours just in the summer to fall of 2009. I guess not having a job all that summer really helped, huh?

  • Around 170 hours recorded, but would guess around 220 hours being more accurate with unranked matches and demo play. Plus, according to my old Xfire account, I spent 40(!) hours alone on the demo for the game.

    From launch June 2005 for around 2 years.

  • Guessing around 180 hours?

    The game clock never seemed to be right, and the fact that I rarely saved in my free-play shenanagins and that I'm not sure if the game tracked between your three save files or not, my guess is a guess.

  • Guessing 150-200 hours.

    This was basically THE GAME I played for two years of my life. I never finished the campaign (combination of young boy stupidity and having a borked save file thanks to bad mods), but I never stopped just exploring and killing stuff... and creating new character after new character.

    Also, big male nords don't look very flattering in Glass armor... they really don't.

  • Guessing around 160 hours total.

    I finished the story... then went back and finished it again in like 8 hours. I have the two episodes, but haven't finished either one...

  • About 155 hours spent.

    Which is insane because I've only ever finished two campaigns, started around five, play quite a few historical battles (Sekigahara probably two dozen or so times), screwed around in free-play, and played less than 10 multiplayer matches.

  • Suspect around 150 hours.

    I have no idea how many hours, but when the Penny Arcade comic destroyed the payment system, I too took hook to the game and spent hours every day for a week doing nothing but listening to Valient Thorr and digging into giant cave systems.

  • Series overall I'd guess about 140 hours.

    Too lazy to go check my game clock, but I expect it's around 85 or more hours just in Single player. I often didn't save after long stretches, so many more hours were never recorded. Played regularly for over a year.

  • Guessing around 140 hours.

    I got a character to max level, but never really pushed him all the way to the end.

  • Guessing around 80-100 hours.

    I got goose-bumps when I started it up for the first time. Also, this reminds me of when I thought I was pretty fly having a 6600GT video card.

  • Guessing around 70-100 hours (really)

    I cannot explain why... but I just fucking loved this game way too much. While some critics out there would complain about it being so repetitive that they'd not even finish the game... I put in enough time to finish it 6 or 7 times over. I only ever completed it twice to get one achievement... but I 100% everything in that game.

  • Guessing around 80 hours or more; another 15-30 if I count editor work

    I sucked at this game a whole lot, but I played it like crazy. I have no explanation as to why... At age 14 or so I learned how to make maps for this freaking game (never really finished them, just hours of experimentation)... so yeah, I knew how to make crap in Unreal Editor... (I released one map for UT2003, too!)

  • Guessing around 80 hours.

    I don't think I ever broke level 30 (this was old WoW, the kind where getting to level 60 took months), but I did spend a long fall and winter a few years ago wasting time with this game.

  • 50-80 hours? How long did it take to finish it on average anyway?

  • Probably 70 hours. Tried many times to finish it just just always lost interest (JRPGs tend to do that to me) even though I very often dug the story a whole lot. I just wish there was some secret mode where I could play a no-grind, no-bullshit version of the game that took me <20 hours. That'd be great!

  • For PC I have it stated to be 40 hours. But including the PS3 version I'd add another 25 for 65 hours all together.

  • Guessing around 50-70 hours online.

    This was my sole game in 2002-2003. My first real multiplayer game, I rocked it with a joystick and throttle back in the 56k days.

  • Guessing around 40-60 hours in multiplayer.

    I was an absolute terror in this game. Was the first MP game that I could say I was good at on a regular basis. Any small or medium map... give me an MP40 or a PPsh and I'll just mow down everybody.

  • Around 40 hours...

    They should seriously release a Metal Gear Ac!d on PSN or XBLA. Co-op and deathmatch would be a riot!

    But.. uhhh... yeah... it's sort of hard to understand (easy to play but hard to master) ... I didn't realize the meaning of equipping ammunition until like 15 hours in.

  • Guessing around 25-40 hours.

    I've got like 9 save files for this game, with one of them being run number 3. I've probably finished this game 10 times over. I'm also one of the few people who actually explored for a bit... the coast to the south is definitely the most interesting terrain, by the way.

  • Other games list (Ones I don't care so much talking about or am not very certain on the time spent)

    Game - Guess in Hours

    Sims 1 - 40-60

    Sims 2 - 30-40

    Dark Forces - 15-25 (I was 6 years old)

    Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight - 20-30

    Jedi Outcast - 25-35

    Guitar Hero 2 - 40-50

    Halo - 25-35

    Half-Life 2 - 40-60

    --- Garry's Mod - 20-40

    UT 2003 - 30-50

    UT 2004 - 40-50

    Unreal Tournament - 25-35

    Counter Strike Source - 30-40

    Left 4 Dead - 32

    Dirt - 30

    Dirt 2 - 20

    Dirt 3 - 20

    Mirror's Edge - 15

    Rollercoaster Tycoon Series - 60+