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My pile of shame

A list of games I own that are un-finished. Sitting on my shelf taunting me & calling me names.

List items

  • This one was part of a buy one get one free. I wanted the other game anyways, and there wasn`t much else that interested me. So this I grabbed, but have VERY little interest in playing.

    The box art is nice :)

  • This one just wasn`t that fun. I played about 3 hours & then got bored. I love the premise, but the game-play just wasn`t very exciting or interesting. I don`t feel bad about this one though. I was expecting a mediocre game from all the reviews. I mostly just wanted to support a good developer, and was hoping it would prove the reviewers wrong. Sadly it didn`t.

  • Bought on XBLA sale for cheap. Tried the demo when it first came out, but never played the full version once. Honestly don`t think it`s my type of game anyways. Not sure why I bought it.

  • This game was actually a LOT of fun from what I`ve played so far. I`m sure I will eventually finish it. Have played about 5 hours and had a blast. Just need the time to get back to it.

  • It PAINS me to have to put this game on here. I think this game easily had the potential to be one of my GOTY picks for 2009. However, it has a completely game-breaking section for me that prevents me from EVER finishing this game. I am talking about the asteroid level where you have to shoot down asteroids as they hurtle towards your ship.

    I played this section at least a dozen times. Each time feeling absolutely NO sense that I was getting ANY better. Usually these frustrating sequences can be passed by pure repetition & muscle memory until you finally get good enough and can shoot fast enough to get through it. But I was feeling NONE of that. Even bumping it down to the easiest difficulty, I seemed to fall apart at the same point over & over.

    After checking Youtube to see if there was some `trick` to beating this section it seemed that there was none. Just have to be quick & accurate, which I was not. It seems hopeless, and I realized I would have to get not just a LITTLE better to finish this section. I had to get TWICE as good, because I was failing at about the HALF-way point.

    Alas, I will never be able to finish this great game.

  • Played this years ago, but never finished it because I was more into fast-paced multiplayer games like TFC, CS, Unreal Tourny, etc...

    I just bought this again on a Steam Sale this week. It actually holds up amazingly well. I am shocked at how vividly I remember some of the areas in the early levels. I`m having a load of fun with this 10 year old relic. :)

  • Still haven`t started this one. For similar reasons as Resistance 2. It just isn`t drawing me in.

  • Bought this for $40, and never put it in.

    The 1st game was great & I know this one would be as well. But I'm just not as big on MP games as I used to be.

  • One of the better games on the DS. But the timed dungeon that you must repeatedly back-track through has utterly broken this game for me. I have no desire to punish myself with another zelda dungeon again.

  • Great game! I just don`t have many opportunities for mobile gaming these days.

  • Looks pretty good so far. got Great Reviews. I just need to give it more of an honest effort. I`ve never really played the Metroid series, so I`m finding this one tough to get into.

  • Honestly, didn`t find this game very fun. I bought it hoping it would be a easy to play couch-coop game with friends who are not regular gamers. It turned out to be un-satisfying for me, and confusing for them. (horrible load times did not help at all)

  • I honestly just don`t `get` this game.

    It confuses & scares me. I played it for about 30mins, and the first boss kills me. I feel like the game assumes I`ve played the first one.

  • A very wacky & insteresting game. I can`t decide if I LIKE this game or not. It`s very hard to describe or categorize. It`s not really my STYLE of game, but it is very charming and well worth trying. I am happy to have played it, but it will remain on my shelf.

  • Loved the original POP (the 2003-ish one, not the side-scroller).

    Had a good amount of fun with this, but haven`t played enough to call it finished. I might go back to this one day & finish it.

  • My nephew deleted my save game of many hours work.

    Do not want to go through it all over again.

  • marginally interested, but generic FPS games don`t interest me much anymore. This one isn`t drawing me in.

  • Seemed ok from the hour or so I tried. But nothing is really drawing me back to this one. Seems very generic FPS to me.

  • I played several other Ratchet games & loved them. This one just fell to the bottom of the pile of other games that are more `different`. I`m sure this game will be great when I eventually get around to playing it. But I feel I`ve played it several times before.

  • This game is AWESOME! Have played about half-way through. I have no excuse for not finishing this.

  • I loved the setting & art design in this game. But it just had the problem I have with most open world games have, which is having TOO much to explore, and not enough direction to keep me on track.

  • Cool game... but broken.

  • Controls have been fixed. This is my favorite DS game.

  • This game hurts my eyes to play. The artwork is great for a PS2 game. But I find it too vibrant or something. It really is un-playable for me. I might try it again if it gets remade in HD.

  • Rented this when it was new, and played a decent chunk of it. Purchased for real cheap about a year later with the intention of finishing it... but forget where I left off, and it seems like too much work to replay from the start.

  • Looks like the exact type of game Silent Hill SHOULD be.

    I just need to wait for a mood to strike me where I feel like being Creeped the F out. Unfortunately that does not happen very often.

  • Have tried on 3 different occasions to finish this game. Each time getting several hours into it.

    It is amazing. Love the world. Love the DND rule-set. But for some reason I seem to get side-tracked with other New games every time I attempt to finish this one.

  • An AMAZING game! F*%! ME for not finishing this yet!

  • Bought all 5 Episodes on a Steam sale.

    I intend to get around to it, but 5 episodes just seems so daunting.

    If previous Monkey Island games are any indication though, I expect once I start I will power through these right to the end & enjoy every minute

  • I have played several chapters both SP and COOP. Also played a decent amount of multiplayer. I feel I am done with this game, so it ALMOST shouldn`t be on this list. However, I never got that close to `completing` the story mode, so it feels unfinished. Although I don`t intend to go back to it.

  • Seems interesting. I just need to give it more of a chance.