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GOTY 2012


Awesomenauts was fun to rugged individual until I met a premade that I couldn't totally outskill. Didn't like what the siege guy did to the game, esp. with the 1-2 map. Also makes the mistake of being obviously designed for the 360 controller; iirc the siege guy is the only one who's more than 8-way.

Journey was beautiful. Story seemed to go at least mildly religious though so fuck that.

I very much did not like The Walking Dead.

List items

  • Liked the story, liked the characters, loved the combat, loved the costumes.

  • (ps3) Liked the story, liked the combat, loved the character creation/development/costumery, loved the complete disregard for character gender for pivotal plot points.

  • It would be better without it, but there is some fun to be had in exploiting a combat system to the point where you are untouchable. Also, great additions to a great game.

  • Rhythm game where the highest end is just above my skill level. Not too boring, not too disheartening. Perfection, apart from the touch controls which are a bit short of responsive.

  • Character creation, character development, gear, clothes. Setting also isn't the bog standard Warring States era stuff.

  • (vita) V. great story.

  • (pc) Good gameplay, great guns. Vladoff snipers with that specific vladoff barrel pre-The Bee. Sadness after.

  • (vita) Great story, great production values, action that's a little above me.

  • (psp/ps3) Great action. Maybe one day I'll go back and perfect mission 50.

  • Good rhythm game. Slightly on the easy side: most of my time was just a grind through the absurd amount of lower difficulty maps/fat lot of challenge maps which almost all amounted to play this entire song on this difficulty, usually with a minor twist.