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GOTY 2015


sayonara umiharakawase + is good (currently 4/3/2/3), but fuck giving air to the name they gave the 3ds port.

2014 games: sao-hf- is exceptional.

2015 games: lot of shit. zesteria may end up pulling a xillia 2 late game turn, -- v. nope: difficulty system is garbage and kinda ruins all of the gameplay. witcher 3 is a mess; dijkstra was robbed.

2016 games: dreamy dreams.

List items

  • lowered expectations since no magic, ended up r. liking. lot of little things that add up to this feeling rushed/incomplete.

    dlc added more than enough weapons to give credit to the notion that they're not doing a sequel; T_T.

  • fun. classes/passives/mechanics descriptions that are mistranslated/woefully inadequate.

    skits great.

    they went out of their way to give everyone/most everyone a 3x3 and postgame just gets dominated by sage.

  • good. liked the songs, hate the lack of idle hitsounds. hardest part is fighting distraction because songs are longggggggggg.

  • good puzzles, but not amazing: physics/geometry makes for rough edges. really liked the framework, expansion's doubly so. would've done well by portals fuck valve.

  • (psv)fuck this site see above. I respect this game a lot more than I like it, but I do like it a good bit.

  • psp best/action makes dungeon crawling a lot more compelling.

  • ~breaks its ankle on the dismount. this was fucking amazing while content was still rolling out. then you get to the end and battle gear isn't even zeke.

    peace walker was really good. this is not peace walker 2

  • fun, short.

  • p. good.

    there should be squares/dots for items on the map and the airdash should have been strider 2014's.

  • rhythm. dislike the chosen gameplay interface fullstop. good songs don't make bad rhythm ok, but there are a bunch of really good songs.