My Top 10 PC Games of 2011

In alphabetical order, my top 10 PC games for 2011. Though centered around the PC, most of these would be near the top of a pan-platform list as well.

List items

  • What can I say about Bastion that hasn't already been said many times? The worst things about it are still cream of the crop. Not bad for a studio's first outing.

  • Deep down, who doesn't want to be Batman? This game does it again. Some criticized it for being more of the same, but Batman really shined for me when I could spread his cape and reign over more than one insane asylum.

  • The best multiplayer shooting to come out of 2011. With a good squad, the fun increases exponentially. It's also something of a return to form for DICE - though they could have taken it farther, fingers crossed for Battlefield 4. The unlocks come frequently enough and feel relevant enough to give me that catch 'em all feeling, and even new players can feel like they're contributing to matches in some way. (Even if they actually aren't. I'm looking at you, sniper laying prone on the rocks.)

  • This game is dripping with atmosphere, and in most ways is a worthy continuation of the legacy. Before DX:HR, I probably would have said that kind of game was from a bygone period. Turns out people still want more, and Eidos has the capacity to give it to us.

  • I played the entire singleplayer portion over the night (and following morning) of its release. Engrossing puzzles and environments, memorable characters, and that Valve polish. Co-op partner wanted.

  • Bethesda's magnum opus, at least until they manage to top themselves. 'Nuff said.

  • Add two parts Minecraft to one part Metroidvania and one part Legend of Zelda. Mix well. Good for fifty-leven hours of servings.

  • Total War is seminal PC strategy, and Shogun 2 is classic Total War with modern refinements. Keep on trucking, Creative Assembly.

  • The underdog of my list, Magicka peeps at me from my Steam list. "C'mon, you aren't really done with me, are you?" Mashing magic together to make new magic is a riot, especially co-op. It's in need of some fine tuning, but playing Magicka makes me feel more like a wizard than any other game off the top of my head.

  • Is it really a 2011 game? I'm not totally sure, but I don't think I care anymore. Though some like to scoff at it a bit, Minecraft will not be denied. There's something primal and elegant about it. And there's a reason dozens of people have been able to make jobs out of Minecraft on Youtube. From the development process, to the game itself, to the community that grew around it, Minecraft's success story is the stuff PC gaming is made of.