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E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

Vigorousjammer: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games (not nessicarilly in order)

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  • Definitely my #1 anticipated game. The new instrument stuff looks crazy, the keyboard controller is something I've wanted ever since the first game. and overall, it just looks like a smart approach to the entire genre. Can't expect any less from Harmonix.

  • Speaking of Harmonix, Dance central is another one I'm fairly interested in. Kinect looks much more improved than it has looked in the past, and this looked like one of the best Kinect games on the show floor.

  • Another one of the best looking Kinect games was Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. I'm not normally one for these type of "fitness" games, cause I don't really like working out. But this looks like it'll have some pretty cool modes, and it looks like it's fairly responsive.

  • It looks pretty much like Dead Rising, except better... they had me at the "Dead Rising" part.


  • FINALLY a new Deus Ex game!! so excited to hear more about it at E3, and I can't wait till it comes out. Huge fan.

  • People have been saying a lot of bad stuff because of the stage demo, but the game looks fucking GREAT! The giantbomb crew has been a little down on it because it's "just more Zelda" but I don't know if it'd be good for them to change the formula. The visual style is one of my favorite parts of it, combining Ocarina of Time's visuals with a soft filter and making it look all new and polished really gives it a nice look. the cel shading is much improved over wind waker... and it's really giving me a little bit of a Link to the Past vibe as well.

  • Fuck yes! that's all I need to say.

  • Super Scribblenauts looks fucking INSANE! the addition of d-pad controls instantly makes this a better game, but now they've gone and added in new types of puzzles, and holy fucking shit, ADJECTIVES?! SOLD!

  • oh god, I cannot tell you how much I HATED flower. It was so dumb, there was no point. That being said, I was a fan of Flow, and ThatGameCompany's new game, Journey, also seems fairly awesome. Excited to hear more about it.