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Hey guys! has officially opened today. If you didn't know yet , is a new gaming site. I've visited it and made a profile , it has a layout you'll surely love. It brings gaming news on a regular basis. I think it has lots of potential and it won't end up as Giantbomb did for many. I'd like you to visit and give it a chance , add me to your friends , I'm woozienebunu :P I'll see you guys over at noobfeed.


Space Siege

Well I've passed Space Siege and saw all endings. It was a medium-class RPG that was fun for the first half but got boring near the end...If you feel like killin' aliens.. it's a good game overall... I'm working on a review.. but the Big Rigs one really has priority.
On other plans I've been listening to the new riffs off Death Magnetic and they sound great.. especially Unforgiven III and Suicide and Redemption which happens to be the album's instrumental... My Apocalypse sounds good as well .
I'm really err.. "enjoying" the 2 houred missions in SupCom.. and the thought that I might die before finishing the game is really really scary...
So how are ye? Anything new going on?


Some stuff I felt like blogging about

Well I really felt like blogging and since I didn't blog in quite some time I thought that this might be a good time to do so..
Well.. school's going to start in about 3 weeks thing that doesn't make me feel very good...but on the 12th of september (the last holiday day) Metallica's new album "Death Magnetic" is going to come out thing that will make it be better than expected... I'm waiting anxiously for the new album to arrive , mainly because I loved Cyanide and The Day That Never Comes.
I've been doing lots of CoD4 these days and also got the new heavy weapons in TF2... All hail teh sandwich :P (another brilliant idea from Valve)
I also got SupCom and started liking it pretty much... the missions are as long as hell but patience is a virtue :P.. Condemned Criminal Origins was also on the list of games that I got and I have to say.. that game has a deep atmosphere and some scenes almost make you fall off your chair... brilliant game.. the only setback would be the gameplay that .. well kinda repeats itself.. but it doesn't matter.. the game is a must-play :P
Oh and if you know other people from GS that are on GB.. tell me too :P



I really felt like writing a blog... you know .. sometimes you just wake up with the idea of making one and it keeps going and going.. so the evening comes and you didn't write it... but then you get the ambition and write it.. though you have no freakin idea why or what you're writing in it (just like i'm doing now xD) .. So I'll just point out some random things....

-The new Metallica song "Cyandie" off Death Magnetic sounds really really awesome IMO... the album's gonna rock :P
-I'm getting NWN 2 and Space I'm pretty excited
-I sort of quit WoW.. coz I'm too lazy to install it xD
-I still don't have any idea why I'm using "-"'s before each sentence
-I'm feeling great that I really did this blog and am amazed of the great title I managed to find for it
-My B-day party's gonna be on sunday (Yea.. it was delayed because Darth Vader had an appointment at the dentist and couldn't come last sunday )
-I really really really really really need to stop doing this xD
-And last.. this will be the last original thing this blog will contain :P

So feel free to ... uhmm comment


It's My Birthday!

Yes... on 11th august '93 , the world's 2nd most funny person was born! xD ... So I guess this is my first B-day celebrated here on Giantbomb, so I guess I should tell ya dudes some stuff you might be interested in finding out..

So ... - My real name is Bogdan which sounds really weird in english , I know :P .. Just call me Woozie or whatever short versions you find :P
-My favourite bands are Metallica and Disturbed .. I listen generally to rock music.. from alternative rock to heavy/trash metal....
-I plan on learning to play guitar this year.. and in the future to move on to bass guitar , which I find totally awesome, mainly because I love low sounds :P
-My favourite songs are as follow .... Sad but True , Indestructible and In the Army Now
-I want GTA IV ,Spore and FarCry 2 the most
-My favourite game of all time has to be somewhere around Warcraft 3 or Company of Heroes.. can't tell ya exactly which one
-I'm not really into movies but I guess my favourite one has to be Terminator 3 xD don't laugh
-I personally consider myself rather funny than imature as some people say ... It's not my fault i have a talent at making jokes :P
-I really don't know why I'm using "-" before every damn thing I'm saying
-My favourite football team is Manchester United which ownz em all
-I started liking llamas some time ago because of DPQ.. so it's not my fault :P
-I'm rather random and always tend to talk about something else than what the topic is about
-I'm being told that I write very fluent in english (1337 skillz r m1n3 ! )
-I am aware that by now you are bored to death
-I would throw a party for myself if I wouldn't have drank everything by now xD

There ya go..... oh.. I'm not crying for comments normally but I do comment on other blogs, and it would be nice for you to do so with mine (<< that meants comment,or else.. :P)


Different Ramblings (of doom)

This wants to be my 2nd Giantbomb blog (not that anyone cares or anything.. just wanted to point this out to fill some space) so I'll just make some updates about what's going on with me...

-I started playing WoW again this time for the Horde.. I'm a Druid and so far am enjoying it.. can't wait to get leatherworking up do 375 so I can put on those cool leather items ..
-Speaking about games I recently got You Are Empty, Area 51(not blacksite.. the first game) and Sid Meier's Pirates!.. So far I've tested You Are Empty which is not what I expected.. they say the cutscenes are great.. it's just it won't show me any damn cutscenes... which pisses me off.... I also tried Pirates but not too much so I can't tell you my point of view yet....I've yet to test Area 51.. going to do this tonight... oh and I'm also getting Flatout Ultimate Carnage :P
-I guess I like this site more than any other site but I hate the forum section so I guess I won't be as much around there... I'll just blog and comment on blogs... Oh and I submitted a small overview of Star Wars Empire At War and it was accepted! .. well in 4 days .. but at least I has 6 points now (hail to the masta xD )
-I really haven't forgotten about TF2 but I really would need some play pals .. so if you're playing .. tell me via pigeon .. or teh interwebzez

This is all                                                                                                                                                                    -Woozie (a.k.a Bullet/Teh Skunk)