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What's the deal with 2021 am I right?!

Can't believe I forgot to get that new Ghosts N Goblins game state of my life. I played like 3 KH games this year and Chain of Memories was a sack of shit.

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  • I loved this game so much! and its still ringing around in my head a month after beating it. I don't wanna talk about this game without getting into spoilers, but if the Steam page interests you in any way just play it and don't look anything up for the best experience.

    This game also feels designed to be beaten and not be a hardcore gameplay challenge like Slay the Spire is so do not worry about this game being too hard, If I can beat it so can you!

    My GOTY hands down without a question.

  • Such a amazing game!!! My favorite Metroid game without a doubt. Amazing atmosphere, a great challenge that's fine tuned perfectly, Makes Samus look and feel like a badass and I only got REALLY lost once in the entire game!!!. If you only care about gameplay when it comes to a GOTY list this wins hands down.

    If I had one complaint is that I found the E.M.M.I encounters tedious and they didn't really invoke fear in me and when I died I was just like "Well back to the start of the room I guess" However I did play on normal so maybe this is my fault.

    If this game was bad I was gonna light my copy on fire and play "Burn my Dread" for TikTok.

  • Another great game in the hit things on the head with a giant hammer genre! I really like the new wire bug mechanics and it always feel fun to use and online/lobbys were great for me! However I found the game a bit too easy for the majority of it, especially with how easy it is to GTFO with the wire bug and I don't like how they are drip feeding content for it and how the PC version came out much later with no crossplay or save transfer. Its also just another great Monster Hunter game at the end of the day LMAO. Put Qurupeco in please.

  • Another great game in the talk to things and they join you genre! I'll enjoy running around the apocalypse and fusing demons any day of the week, but the Naruto run and the demon specific skills in this make traversal more fun and the demons feel more unique. Played on normal and felt it was balanced really well! I'm level 22 at the time of writing this so maybe it falls apart later.

  • Great return to form to the series! Basically everything I wanted in a modern Mario Party game.

    Its bullshit you can be in first place and the game has a golden pipe in the shop tho come on now.

  • Its WarioWare, but on my Switch! Was really fun, but I wish there was more to do after beating the short story mode. I also prefer Mega Party Game$ for multiplayer WarioWare, which I find is also a easier pick up and play game for people new to the series. I also personally prefer classic WarioWare to the character thing this game does as I just wanna play micro games and not have to worry about a boy skating back and forth.

  • I had a lot of fun playing Monkey Ball until I reached my skill level and yielded to AiAi, which was my intent from the start. If you want a game to last you through sheer difficulty alone look no further. Also my game of the OK 2021

  • Shits weird.

  • I have no unique takes about this game. Gameplay, roster and stages good. Only one colour per character, lack of meaty single player and no voice acting bad. Really wish some of my friends picked this up so I could play it more, but I still had fun with the online against randos.

  • Was really excited for this release, however I found the "boss" levels boring and replaying stages with the "level" mechanic too scripted compared to the old game where it was just fuck around and maybe blow up a wall to progress. I still think its a great game, however I did not finish it.