My S-Ranks

A list of My S-Ranks (completed games 1,000/1,000 200/200 etc) I'll put original S-ranks in here too (excluding DLC) and short notes.

Edit: The order's imperfect as it's kinda hard to find exactly when I finished games considering my internet connection used to be really inconsistent and didn't timestamp achievements gotten offline. As such, the dates are pretty much estimates in some cases or refer to the last time I played said game.

The hours are based generally on what my Raptr account says, which can be a little inaccurate, include idling and exclude offline play.

The end of the list is going to probably be filled with unfinished games as it's a pain to figure out when I got the original 1,000 or 200.

Everything should be more accurate going forwards.

List items

  • One of my earliest S-Ranks, before I was particularly committed. I'm a little surprised I finished it considering the online achievements.<BR></BR>


  • All golds was pretty challenging for me, great game nonetheless.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 02/08/07

  • Long time ago <BR></BR>

    Don't really recall too much about it save that it was really easy and more of a tedious management game than an action game; at least in regard to the achievements.<BR></BR>


  • Took a fail while to finish but an excellent game I really enjoyed. Still gets challenging at times. I'll hopefully finish Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise at some point. <BR></BR>


  • Maybe a little less fun than when it was on the PS2, at least in regard to its competition, it still held up some, and was quite a fun foray back into Bullsworth academy for me.<BR></BR>


  • I think this was the first game I ever boosted so I'm a little proud of having finished this.<BR></BR>


  • A pretty easy S-Rank, excluding perhaps finishing the game on Veteran, these games aren't made with Veteran in mind and they are consistently unfun.<BR></BR>


  • Maybe my first finished game. Or one of my earliest. 200 Hours. Excellent.<BR></BR>

    1,250/1,250 - 12/07/08

  • One of the few games I wish had taken longer to finish. Bought it and quickly finished it, a very impressive title.<BR></BR>


  • Great game, not too difficult but I'm awful at most arcade games. Eventually went back and finished the last few achievements. <BR></BR>


  • I had this great idea of delving into my Xbox 360 collection (Like 120ish) and finally finish some up. This was one of the first and wasn't too difficult, shame the sequel it taking months and months to finish unlike this one.<BR></BR>


  • Took a little while but wasn't too difficult. My first Assassin's Creed S Rank. As I'm writing this I've finished Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Never played the DLC, would have if it had points.<BR></BR>


  • Despite its short length I remember this one annoying me a fair amount. <BR></BR>


  • Delightfully weird game. Bought it day 1 and finished it in one sitting, a little short but a good excuse to see the Zeno Clash story and experience the combat.<BR></BR>


  • Another somewhat annoying game I wouldn't play save for amassing achievement points; lots of collecting.<BR></BR>


  • Having to manually mess about backing up autosaves absolutely sucked, and missing an achievement forcing me to play through an undetermined length of the game wasn't much fun either. Still, got it done eventually.<BR></BR>


  • Can't remember much about this; used to love the DW games. Think it was pretty easy if a little slow.<BR></BR>


  • A fantastic downloadable game, left it too long to finish 100 games.<BR></BR>


  • A bit of a bitch truth be told, a good game though. A couple tricky achievements I did with a friend. Glad I finished it.<BR></BR>


  • Really liked this game, tried keeping up on the overall leaderboards, think I peaked at about 6th. Got the S-Rank pretty quickly despite some bad achievements.<BR></BR>


  • Not a fantastic game, a bit frustrating points-wise. Eventually got the S-Rank, but I've not played the DLC, so I'll have to get the game again (rented before) and the DLC at some point to finish the game.<BR></BR>


  • Pretty damn easy, fun too.<BR></BR>

    200/200 - 08/07/10

  • I have no shame it seems. Trying to beat a friend to 100,000 spurned this purchase and I did in fact end up beating him. Thanks Avatar for those thousand points, enjoy my £15! Took about 40 seconds, what a waste.<BR></BR>


  • I don't know if this is the actual game I finished. It's called Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, might be a regional thing, or this game isn't in Giant Bomb's database. <BR></BR>

    Difficulty varied per game with a few being real annoying and one 100% based on luck.<BR></BR>


  • These games aren't great, kinda entertaining as you wonder who committed the crime in question and slowly deduce the answer whilst following a guide to get all the points.<BR></BR>


  • An incredibly simplified wrestling game that took a little while to finish. The power cut-out after winning 27 of 30 matches for the last achievement as I recall... that sucked, the game wasn't great either.<BR></BR>


  • Not a very fun S-rank to be honest. I think it was finishing the game on hard that gave me the most difficulty, really became frustrating.<BR></BR>


  • A slightly improved CSI game, again was okay, periodically entertaining and a rather relaxing 1,000 points.<BR></BR>


  • One of the growing list of games that managed to annoy me whilst I went for an S-Rank in a game I didn't like. Took longer than I would've liked towards the end, collecting something or other.<BR></BR>


  • A pretty fun game, I remember playing the demo and thinking it was pretty exceptional for a kids title. A few minor annoyances but it wasn't too bad.<BR></BR>


  • If only Dead Rising 2 were so easy or quick. Despite minor trouble getting all the survivors and the slightly slow 1,000 kills it was quite fun a quick.<BR></BR>


  • Got a little tedious after finishing the story but wasn't too bad. Should pick up the sequel sometime.<BR></BR>


  • A real grind. Otherwise its a cool game.


    1,000/1,000 - 130-150 hours

  • I rented it a long while back and decided it was my favourite racing game ever. Convinced myself it was worth buying, despite it having few achievements left. I recently bought it and finished the multiplayer achievements, getting my S-Rank.<BR></BR>


  • Though I finished it in maybe 7-8 hours after just having bought it a few months back I did quite enjoy it and find it surprising Castlevania: Lords of Shadow isn't grasping me as much. (Same developer)<BR></BR>


  • Finished a long time ago. Pretty easy 200 points, plus an XBLA classic.<BR></BR>


  • Got it when it came out, finished it shortly before Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood came out so I could eventually have all three finished. Collecting flags sucks!<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - >64 Hours

  • Made my top 10 of 2010. Great game. Rather easy points.<BR></BR>


  • Bought it for points, bored me silly, gave up. Came back to it, just getting the collectibles then quitting the mission. Was quick and painless. Took 3 Hours that session.<BR></BR>


  • A rather easy game, bought it for points and it delivered. <BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 7 Hours

  • Pretty tedious, lots of chests and a lot more keys (chests take between 2-10 keys to open). Like a bad Lego game.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 17 Hours

  • Free arcade game, 200 free points, 200 easy points; excluding the challenge of finding an online game without using a friend.<BR></BR>


  • I'm a little proud of this one. Took a while to do. The easiest collecting achievements of the series thus far but still a fair bit to do. Plus this one has online achievements. I got all but two of the achievements without aid and the other two would've taken too long to happen upon by accident.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 89 Hours<BR></BR>1,250/1,250 - 133 Hours - 22/12/11

  • One of the only games I've bought on sale and finished soon after. Took longer than I was anticipating 60 levels then another 60 with a time limit plus some local multiplayer fare.<BR></BR>

    200/200 - 9 Hours

  • First up, I confess I cheated/glitched a bit of this. Currently you can keep attaining the same bandage again and again, getting me the bandage achievements and the 100% one. I did, however, finish the first ending, the real ending, dark world, The Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy Warp Zone and Cotton Alley legitimately. S-Ranking the game at 9,912 deaths. <BR></BR>

    200/200 - 34 Hours

  • The campaign was almost too easy, starting on Hard. Tier 1 mode kinda sucked (no dying time limit) and the online was a little frustrating. I boosted Fire Controller because it would take too long to happen by chance in that game and level 15 because I was there when it was being boosted.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 30 Hours

  • A surprisingly good game, I thought the movie was alright albeit strange. The game was mostly fine, a little too simplistic and too many collectibles, like 575ish. Though you eventually got a cheat to point you to nearby collectibles which was a godsend.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 10 Hours

  • To echo an earlier statement, I have no shame. I like points and sometimes that addiction leads me to good game I'd not have otherwise found (i.e. Singularity) and sometimes I pretty much hate every second of it and am somewhat ashamed afterwards; case in point. At least it's over. Note: On Xbox 360 you can replace the strange noise in the game with your own music, it's still easy enough to 5 star the songs every time and it sounds better.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 3 Hours

  • Got the original 1,000 pretty quickly, though not as quickly as I could now, knowing the mistakes I made wasting some hours using slow methods. I have some problems with the game but I don't hate it.<BR></BR>

    Got and finished Dead Money 140/140 - 7-8 hours - 22/12/10<BR></BR>

    1,140/1,140 - 135 Hours - 22/12/10

  • Another slight improvement on the former titles. Some nice whodunit entertainment. The mechanics work a little better than before but it could be so much more intuitive. Guess it's a budget thing.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 10 Hours - 25/12/10

  • I'd already done most of this when I came back to it a month or two back, trying to finish it before Dead Space 2 dropped in January. I ended up playing through it twice on Easy, once with only the plasma cutter and a whole lot of credit grinding and once again because I messed up and removed my unlock of Impossible difficulty; and finally once on Impossible, which was difficult in spots but bearable.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 41 Hours (Since Oct '10) - 28/12/10

  • As good (if not better) and about as easy as the former Dead Rising 2 standalone arcade game. Played through several times, normally one per achievement or two past the initial familiarisation playthrough. The camera achievement (shoot all the cameras) sounded difficult but wasn't and the co-op was pretty easy and fun. Beat the final boss with one chunk of life, an incapacitated team mate and no food in my inventory or in the environment. Bit short for 800 Microsoft Points.<BR></BR>

    200/200 - 11 hours - 30/12/10

  • Took a long time, especially considering it's basically a mediocre Playstation 2 game and Warriors Orochi took a fraction of the time. The farming, grinding and doing every one of the 50 something missions once minimum on each of the four difficulties. Wouldn't recommend it frankly. Also, I'd done half-ish of the game when I came back to it a few months ago and it still took almost 90 damned hours to finish.<BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 89 Hours - 31/12/10

  • Diner Dash is pretty cool, I did the "5 Star each restaurant" achievement really quickly and only recently came back to it to finish the online achievements and Vishnu's Cafe. The latter of which I couldn't figure out until I remembered to stand by the pedestal to keep waiting customers from losing patience. My first S-Rank of 2011; a little later than I would have liked.<br></br>

    200/200 - 8 Hours (Since Oct '10) - 12/01/11

  • An alright game that I managed to get the original 1,000 points in recently, wasn't too difficult but provided intermittent annoyance. Still have yet to pick up or play through the DLC. <BR></BR>


  • I've had this game a while now, pretty fun overall. I have the original 1,000 and some of the DLC achievements, I echo some annoyance at the Versus Mode achievements. I don't want to play that really. Maybe sometime.<BR></BR>


  • Got the original 1,000 and traded it in before the DLC came out. I own either both or one of the DLCs and will own both soon if I don't already. I'll have to pick the game up again at some point and finish the game in earnest.<BR></BR>


  • I have the original 1,000, took a while and I still haven't finished the DLC, hopefully I'll go back to it again soon. I did finish Awakening but haven't got the true S-Rank yet.<BR></BR>


  • This is a tricky one. You can't buy Scrabble on a UK Xbox or with a UK Account because Mattel own Scrabble here so the most points I could get were 1,650/1,850; which sucks, but I included it here because I can't improve upon it and it exceeds 1,000 points.<BR></BR>

    1,650/1,850 - 27 Hours

  • Fuck yes! <BR></BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 134 Hours - 16/12/11

  • 1,000/1,000 - 50 Hours - 13/10/11

  • Add achievement (PC). Not so proud of this one but eh. <BR></BR>

    1,550/1,550 - 03/11/11

  • 1,000/1,000 - 105 Hours - 18/11/11

  • 1,000/1,000 - 42 Hours - 29/11/11

  • A long time coming.

    200/200 - 11/11/11

  • Doing over 4 playthroughs was a bit tedious but I really like the game.<BR>

    1,000/1,000 - 12/05/12 - 48 hours<BR>

    165/165 - 11/05/12 - Episode Pack - Part IV<BR>

    15/15 - 08/05/12 - Lost Episode 1<BR>

    1,180/1,195 - Everything but Lost Episode 2 (not yet available)