Games I Have Beaten (2)

lists can't be more than 100 entries? well i gotta start a new one then, i guess. having the order of completion seems important to me

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  • hath victory royaled thrice now. i'm including it.

    have been doing duos with zara lately, me on her phone, her on the switch. she's learning how to use dual joysticks :')

  • i used to have a written list of games i had yet to "beat" (to be more "productive"?) so i could stay on track/spend less money on games. next to this one, i wrote "(determine win criteria)"

    well, my win criteria is this: i have played it enough, gotten reasonably good, and am sick of playing it

    the end!

  • hmmmmmm i feel like i surely must have finished more games in between updating this with rocket league (in ~july 2018) and adding this (on december 15th, 2018) and yet.... who knows? i've certainly been playing assorted things, many of them heavily multiplayer focused. however, i've also begun my first full time, real, absolute, completely on me teaching job, and was going through one of my more book-driven phases for a minute when i wasn't teaching. read like...... 15 stephen king books, along with some other authors, of course. teaching high school has pushed me back into a few of my old high school habits?

    anyways: incredible game. one of the boss "fights" (more like flights, in this case) took a bit too long, but other than that the challenges seemed totally fair and achievable after several tries. soundtrack was great, except for in the aforementioned "too long boss fight" where the song just got a bit too grating by the end. some legitimately tearful moments for me. totally deserves all the praise it's gotten this year.

  • listen: SML2 is one of my favorite games of all time, mostly just because i played it so often as a kid that it informed most of my ideas of what "games" should be. this one is good, too, but i can't be bothered to actually get the "good ending"--some elemetns haven't aged that well, and i don't have the same nostalgic patience for this that i do for SML2.

    still: go wario!

    finished this during the early hours of december 25th, 2018, waiting for my partner to wake up at my parents' house so we can open up the gifts from santa... it's a good life after all

  • really good and sweet game. relatable for most human beings i think, and in some ways does fall into the traps/cliches that romance stories do. however, realistic romance stories are so few and far between in games in general that it honestly feels great to play this one, slight narrative downfalls and all. and that music..... oomf!

  • (AKA Dragon Quest) wow i've really been sleeping on dragon quest AND mobile games (specifically mobile rpgs) this whole time.... it's such a good way to play them! i enjoyed this one a lot, actually. a lot of people don't recommend it because it's archaic (and, too be fair, it is) but the gameplay seemed really nice to me. everything was 1 on 1 which, contrary to what one would expect, actually did make it stand out compared to basically any other rpg that i've played before (except for undertale). i'd recommend it!

    prithee thee


    (except for the not-great dungeon levels)

    sony... make a jumping flash vr game challenge

  • don't think i'm "done" with this yet, but i did complete the campaign so i wanted to add it here... also: started using backloggery a bit under my username DrWhaley, though i think i'm more dedicated to my good ol' GB lists. as long as they got 'em, i'm here

  • beat it on the first try after updating it on switch :shrug:

  • I FINALLY GOT A WIN (while procrastinating doing major grading)

    it feels so goooooood

    (tho i wish i'd gotten it during the competition)

  • it was good! one of the first switch games i ended up buying, actually. it's a lot of fun. had to restart because i was lost (after pausing it for rocket league) but ran through it in about 5 hours. have some thoughts on using a historical figure like this, but most of them are positive.

  • i honestly have no idea why this one has a bad rap. the stories, while occasionally derivative, were super poignant and affecting to me. the graphics have that ds era charm to them that's been difficult to replicate since imo. the gameplay was totally solid and the class system was fun. idk it was just a great and uplifting experience all around, and it makes me excited to continue to delve deeper into the series



    many emotions running through me

  • fun, pretty spooky, handled some mental health issues with the plot by simply not handling them at all

  • plot is basically the definition of "excuse plot," but i did like seeing most of my favorite characters from the most recent games interact... even though the support conversations before the A-rank are just repeated dialogue and the in-story cutscenes are just extremely "the power of friendship" based.

    new characters were okay, though pretty bland. this did make we want to replay awakening and go through the other fates paths (which, funnily enough, i bought a few months ago when the urge was also hitting me). of course, three houses comes out in like 10 days, so i'm not really in much of a rush to go through the older ones now

    going to venture into some history map stuff (need to unlock celica!!!), i think, and may eventually buy the dlc, but finishing the story mode is enough for me to add it here

  • well, my life kind of fell apart there for a little bit, but i'm good now. played through this and "beat" it. love fighting games now? but haven't been playing them much lately.

  • credits rolling right now! act 2 done. yes, i think i will slowly chip away at act 3? might update this once i do. love the cast, the music in the switch version is actually good imo, and the battle system was a superb take on the classic style. loved it. this game series is so good.

    credits finished, and i'm remembering just how emotional this game could get. i think some of that was lost as i was grinding to beat the final boss, which also naturally led me to google good grinding spots, which naturally led me to read some spoiler for act 3 stuff. i think i want to do it, but also i think that knowing that twist made some of the other tension crumble. still: very good. certainly one of my favorite jrpgs. would i put it above person 3 or ffvi though? god, who knows. let's see how the rest of it goes!

  • you know, i played some of the single player back in the day (in 2015) and enjoyed it well enough, but sort of got my fill. i just played through the co op campaign with one of my roommates during quarantine. it was fun, if frustrating. cool to bond over the sometimes broken physics/level design.

  • welp, i bought a ps4 from a friend. it seemed like a good time, what with the quarantine and everything. good way to keep in touch with friends.

    i think that my fortnite experience helped me out with this, but i "won" a singles match on my ~7th or 8th try. drove around a bunch at the beginning (after getting an early kill), almost got ambushed in a tent when there were like 20 people left, then stealthily survived until it was me versus one other person. i was on the good side of a culvert, they were exposed, and, despite my weak call of duty skills, i was able to take them out as the gas advanced. fun times! haven't won in trios yet (which is my primary mode of play, with my friends justin and peter), but i think we'll get there. arguably better than fortnite, but that could just be the fluidity that i'm experiencing playing this on ps4 (versus the ~30ish fps of fortnite on switch). good purchase!

  • i didn't finish all of the stars, but i made the moon, so i thought i'd write a few thoughts here!

    what a wonderful game. like an electrolyte-filled drink after an exhausting workout. the soundtrack is basically perfect! the vibes are immaculate! the way the levels slowly build up and require you to have larger end-goals... so good. it felt like my skills were legitimately improving. of course, i was playing this on my switch, and all four of my joycons have some drift at this point (lol) but i was able to play docked with a wired controller a bit, too.

    especially love the song in build a star 2... something about that track specifically just hits soooo hard. it's like a shot of serotonin directly to the central nervous system..

    also love the chicken level. the song in that one, the way that poultry farming changed forever after this game dropped... iconic.

    here's hoping they port we love katamari sometime! i've heard that one's even better

  • this was really quite good! the gameplay left a bit to be desired, but i did typically enjoy the general stealth-heavy sections. i'm sure some folks could go through the whole game with guns blazing, but the death-cycle of that got a bit old for me.

    that story though! i thought it was great. smart slight subversion, generally just strong overall. love the malick-esque ruminations from blazkowicz. basically immediately began the old blood afterwards; think i'm gonna like that one, too. gog sale is still on... maybe i should buy a couple of the older ones......

  • maybe it's just because i was fully accustomed to wolfenstein shooting and controls, but this seemed tighter and ... easier? it was good! very atmospheric, and i love stealth so the required stealth was fine with me. the twist is good, even if everyone has talked about it online to death so i kind of already knew about it. but it's good! i'm really enjoying this franchise.

  • lots of thoughts on this one! generally i really did enjoy it--the gunplay felt good (if the level design did make it sometimes difficult to deal with), the characters are still likeable, BJ's voice acting still goes hard imo. but tonally, well, there were some problems! people rightly mention that the end credits music is wayyyy out of place, which it is, but some of the other comedic elements of the game just felt... off, i suppose. like the birthday party! fun in theory, and narratively tight for the characters to have something like that to blow off steam with, but the exercise just came off wrong.

    still, the new characters fit the overall schemata of the series, which i appreciated. lots of talk online when this came out about it bringing "identity politics" into the series when like... bro that's what the series has always been lol.

    burned through all three of these in like a week though! crazy, early summer shit. fun times.

  • this was one of the primary reasons why i wanted a ps4. i love tetris! and i think this game is spectacular. the combination of music and puzzles has always worked well (lumines was a favorite of mine on switch last year). some of the songs devolved into same-y sounding pop tracks, though, which was a bit of a bummer. don't get me wrong: i love pop music! but i like hyperpop the most at the moment, and the majority of the tracks here are lacking that same level of experimentation that makes hyperpop so fun. still: there are bops and there are blocks.

    would love to train and get the platinum for this but it's clearly out of reach haha (i can't even get an "a" on any of the non-story missions, let alone the top rank).

  • weird that i haven't completed a game in so long--i have been gaming! just not sticking with anything through to completion. it was a weird back half of summer (and an even weirder start to the school year, as anyone could imagine).

    i started this back in january. i liked the setting and combat changes, but dropped it about ~6 hours in. i ultimately played another ~10 hours over the course of the last week. there's something about this style of game that's very relaxing to me, especially in comparison to other jrps. obviously the combat system can sometimes be less involved--technically your folks will fight whether you're pressing buttons or not. but the depth that's present here (when you want to look for it) is very satisfying. battles often ended up being chaotic messes... but i loved that! switching blades and charging up combos almost gave me the sense of a character action game.

    the story was pretty good, too. i think it hits the same type of emotional beats as the base game well--the soaring music definitely helps in this regard. the political intrigue was just okay, nothing extraordinary by any means. having played a good chunk of xenogears now, it's fun to see some of the parallel themes that have been running through takahashi's games for decades.

    like others, i found the community system a bit tedious, but luckily i knew about the ending requirements ahead of time so i could (mostly) gradually work through sidequests as the game went on. the system is used for good, too, i think, with the ending of the game.... which i don't want to spoil. but if you, like me, played through XC2, you already kind of know what to expect, haha.

    looking forward to finally cracking into xc1 soon. it's been sitting on my system for a few months!

  • listen: i played at least 2/3rds of the original back in early 2018. loved it! but ended up dropping it for unknown reasons. i have always had trouble making it through the old tank-controlled games (i played the majority of re1 on my psp back in the day, but eventually quit because it was too hard). thankfully, this game smartly updates the controls. in some ways it might be one of my favorite games of all time! the atmosphere is great (especially after you decide to just turn HDR off and let the shadows do their thing), the controls feel really good (even when you miss shots, it feels like it's because YOU are being too hasty, not because of the game), the story remains pretty good. i like the puzzles here; extremely doable, but still required some degree of thought... then again, the answers are often literally spelled out for you somewhere, haha.

    completed leon's campaign, now currently diving into claire's. apparently claire a/leon b is supposed to be the canon way tho? who knows, who knows. looking forward to continuing to play this. gonna bully all of my friends into playing it too LOL

    edit: completed claire's route a few days later. fun! not many other comments. kind of want to unlock tofu but idk if i have the stomach for the higher intensity action of the 4th survivor mode. imo the gunplay in these games is very fitting for the style and atmosphere but not necessarily for the ease of access. AKA it's kind of clunky, even at its smoothest [this game]

  • good! scary! played 1/3 of this in the early summer on a shitty, tiny ass tv. stopped when marguerite was chasing me. started again with some friends watching the other night, and felt inspired to work my way through the rest of it. yeah, it gets weaker as it goes on, and the gameplay is pretty clunky ultimately (by virtue of how slowly the main character walks--survival horror, yadda yadda), but i was still largely impressed. i also love the RE engine hair haha (but i don't think they model faces that well, at least not in this game).

  • played through the original "puzzle bobble" on the switch the other day. good shit! i used to play this on my family's PC when i was a kid. still harder to line up the shots without the guide-line sometimes but nothing unreasonable. good ol' fashioned fun

  • okay so.... i only beat one run of this (so far) but i think i can count it here! it's very good, super addictive, filled with style. i like the characters. the gameplay is obviously extremely good. i want to keep playing! (but i also don't wanna burn out, so i'm gonna shelf it for a bit).

  • beguiling and exciting

  • okay so this is obviously worse than RE2 in a number of ways, but it was still really good! the best bits were with carlos, i think, because they returned to the style of slow horror that RE2 featured so well. case in point: returning to RPD was one of the overall highlights! and the extended hospital section was actually pretty creepy.

    jill, for comparison's sake, gets basically all of the big action setpieces. cool? yeah, i suppose--but they lose a lot of the appeal that the other style of gameplay pushes.

    still: i'd recommend it!

  • i always thought it was a bit of hyperbole, the way that people talked this game up; on this side of the river, though, having completed the game (and the DLC), i have to agree! it's certainly among the very best of the PS4 games that i've played so far, and probably among the best games i've ever played (though it's hard to really go into detail about that at this point i think). it's just really good!

  • this immediately entered my list of top games of all time

    i started it back in november 2020. i liked it a lot, made it through the first two chapters, and then stopped (a bit deflated) when it switched to majima. the story was just getting so good, breaking away felt like a travesty. of course: that's the flow of the game. 2 chapters of building tension, breaking away to 2 chapters of parallel building tension. story-wise, it's hard to beat this game's beats: sure, they can reach melodrama-territory pretty easily, but i don't think that's necessarily bad (my favorite tv show of all time is still twin peaks, so you know i have a strong ability to withstand melodrama). the gameplay is also "satisfying" too, i'd say; obviously it gets repetitive, but the game's pacing does a good job of breaking things up (with a few exceptions; imo the real estate game is really fun but ultimately becomes a grind-fest when you inevitably wait to do the majority of it at the very end of the game).

    i was thinking a lot about transphobia in japanese culture, too--there is a trans-presenting character who is misgendered by everyone. that sucks! they otherwise treat this person with basically the same dignity as they treat any other character... which is good? obviously i'd still personally describe it as "bad" treatment of a trans character, but it was just an interesting moment of reflection for me, examining how this other culture's interpretation of gender could allow for different treatment of a character. i dunno i'm not very eloquent with this but hopefully anyone reading this gets what i'm getting at.

    haven't finished the real estate storyline or the cabaret club; i will go back eventually. i did start kiwami already. it's good but clearly not as good as this!

  • played through this with a couple of my dear friends. fun game (in terms of how it plays), not so fun game in any other regard. the story's tone is mostly insufferably annoying. the aesthetics are okay but not really intensely strong enough to leave a good impression on me (they should have leaned into the cell-shading even more). the gameplay, while good, does end up getting repetitive quite quickly. skill re-specs makes this less of an issue, maybe, but it's still just kind of boring. once again: i played this with some good friends, though, and that's enough to keep me going through it!

  • ^same description as above. the jumping mechanics are cooler in this one but the story mission design is worse. occasionally a slog to play through, which wasn't helped by my chosen character (athena). she has some cool abilities, but i was NOT pushing into them very quickly; instead, i had to focus on healing for my team. a role i'm happy to have (i love playing healers in games! that's my chosen role in overwatch every time) but one that was just kind of boring here. i dunno, we're gonna hit up the third game next. i'm hopeful that they make some solid changes to the gameplay. i've given up on expecting anything from the stories of these games LOL