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Switch: Two Years Down The Drain

Meant to make this about a month earlier, but regardless: some thoughts on the switch now that I've had it for over 24 months.

Definitely am in the midst of a backlog problem, but I've been trying to hold back on purchases this year. Not that successfully, really, but I am making an effort. Having a salaried job after years of part time when I was a student feels... weird. A bit embarrassed about unplayed games from last year's list that are on this year's list. Since I'm pretty heavily digital these days, though, I can't really do much about them... aside from play them, of course.

One of the very small switch games I have (Hexalogic) isn't even in the database yet... maybe I should add it! It's a nice puzzle game. Not top of the list but definitely not bottom, either.


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