Community Spotlight - 05/05/2011 (Now Featurning a Starlet!)

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! A few things worth going over for this week. Firstly staff member Ethan Lance has published the latest edition of Data Porn. So if you want to see if you are in the running for being a top tier user check that out. On the Whiskey Media site Dave Snider talked about web design and what he has learned over the years. Also Giant Bomb user X19 has constructed a massive and comprehensive TNT User Guide for your convenience that's worth checking out! Other than that Anime Vice is now officially hentai free, Shadow the Hedgehog was Wikipedia's article of the day, and finally Jeff was on the Bonus Round.

Community Starlet - Featuring ahoodedfigure

 The Giantbomb Community Starlet is back after a 2 week hiatus, and this week is awarded to ahoodedfigure. If you look at his top contributions you will see classic games such as Darklands, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Millipede, and Spacewar! According to Giantbomb's wiki point system these are the pages he made his biggest contributions to, and they are great contributions. However, we all know the point system isn't perfect and if you asked him yourself what page he thinks is his finest his answer would be a game not featured in his top wiki contributions. That game is Star Raiders. Speaking to him directly about his Star Raiders article, here is what he had to say:

I put more work into that Star Raiders entry than about anything else, but it was done toward the site's beginning so it didn't really get that many points. I think it might be my single biggest entry. Still, I'm proud of the fact that GB's own JG featured it in one of his lists, and as a piece of writing I'd probably have to sharpen it up, but it still was one of the most comprehensive pieces I've ever done on a video game. Sort of like a core dump of all my experiences on that thing, and all the time I spent as a kid learning every little trick.

The list he is speaking of can be found here. Jeff calls his entry, "Definitely one of the most in-depth Star Raiders pages on the entirety of the Internet." I have to agree with Jeff on that, if there is a more in-depth Star Raiders page on the internet, I haven't found it.

Wiki editing isn't all ahoodedfigure does, he also has a plethora of amazing lists, many of which haven't gotten any recommendations yet so you should get in there and check them out. You should really check them all out but a few to look out for to get you started are Apocalyptic Toolkit, I've watched these all the way through but never played them, and Games with Music that Haunts Me

And that is all for another edition of the Giantbomb Community Starlet, everyone congratulate ahoodedfigure for being this weeks starlet and remember to make recommendations for who you think should be the next starlet.

-This edition of the Community starlet was authored by GB user Unknown_Pleasures-

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