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    Protect Me Knight

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released May 14, 2010

    Choose between four unique classes to protect your princess from invading monster in this Ancient developed 8-bit throwback action game for Xbox Live Indie Games.

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    It is a retro game that parodies the other retro games with it's self imposed "Americanized" cover art and Broken English translation. The game is 1-4 players, supports a 720p resolution, and also has a sound test feature. It does not support online due to being an Xbox Live Indie Game. It also has an in-game manual to show you the controls of the game.


     The Level-Up Screen
    The Level-Up Screen

    The gameplay is reminiscent to old-school tower defense gameplay, except you're protecting a princess not a tower. Your objective is to protect her from the monsters who aim to harm her.

    You can control either a Fighter, Mage, Ninja, or an Amazon. The Princess will start out in the middle of the level and be surrounded by wooden barricades, super barricades, or the catapult. The catapult can be used to launch boulders at enemies. When monsters attack the barricades you can repair them by attacking them yourself. You also may move freely in and out of the barricades to attack monsters.

    By pressing the A button you may be able to do a normal attack on the enemy. If you hold and release the A button you may pull off a love flash attack. The B button is to use a killer shot, which is equivalent to a special attack, on an enemy. The killer shot uses your MP. The Y button is to build or upgrade barricades. The X button is to get on and off a catapult. The triggers are to guard, and the left analogue stick or D-Pad is to move.

    There is also a level-up system dependent on love points. You can receive love points by executing long combos, collecting flowers that contain hearts, or by simply beating the level. Love points are used to level-up your character, upgrade/build barricades, use the love flash attack, or give you an extra life when you die.


    On October 27th, 2010, the game recieved an update which added a new mode to the game called "Survive". It's a mode akin to the likes of Halo's "Firefight" and Gears Of War's "Horde" modes where you continue fighting waves of enemies until the Princess takes too much damage. The characters are leveled up automatically, and the Princess does not replenish health after every level. She only replenishes health if a man in a cape flies through the screen.


    Fighter- "The Ax lover with strong heart-n-power. Its mystery why he has a sword though he cannot treat it. He runs like tortoise."

    The Fighter has the unique ability to regenerate health over time and deals the most damage out of the four characters with his axe. His special attack involves him throwing an axe in a half-looped trajectory.

    Mage- "Pretty witch who's crazy to the environment. When getting angry her flame burns forest up. Of course she belongs to the carnivore."

    The Mage can be considered a reverse Fighter. In the sense that she can regenerate MP (Magic points) and has the best defense out of the four characters. She fights with a staff that can expel fire. Her special attack is to throw a fireball in the same direction as you aim the joystick at.

    Ninja- "It's life work for him is to develop his muscles. Only the impact he has in his extern is good. The princess says "His approach is yucky.""

    The Ninja is the fastest character of the four and fights with swords. His specialty is tactics driven. His special ability is to set a decoy that looks like the princess that will explode the moment it is attacked by an enemy.

    Amazon- "Energetic woman but whose mind feel the dark-side. She wanna kill ninja 'cause he said "Wow, pretty ass!" In fact, she got tired."

    The Amazon fights with a spear which is long enough to consider her a long-ranged character. She can also throw a boomerang for her special attack which orbits around her twice and hitting anything in it's way. She also has the unique ability to drain her enemies health with her spear. She uses dieting to level up her speed.

    Princess- "Wicked princess confined to Goblin's castle. She's so excited when her hated goblin knocked down. Then her excitement cause miracle for us."

    The princess is an NPC (non-playable character) although she has a few abilities of her own. She can give the four warriors love points if the chain long combos and if she's hit enough times, she can wipe out the whole battlefield with a shriek.


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