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    Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 22, 2012

    The sequel to the hit Korean MMO Ragnarok Online, Legend of the Second returns its players to the mythical world of Rune-Midgard.

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    Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second is a free-to-play MMORPG by Korean developer Gravity, and is a sequel to the original Ragnarok Online.


    Legend of the Second began development shortly after Gravity's first attempt at a follow-up, Ragnarok Online 2: Gate of the World, was met with highly negative reactions from players and was canceled in the beta stage. Rather than departing from the original game's setting and gameplay as was done in Gate of the World, Legend of the Second attempts to recreate it utilizing an updated visual engine. Systems and locations seen previously all make appearances.

    Legend of the Second was unveiled in 2010. A closed beta was launched in South Korea on August 31, 2010. Users who participated in the testing for the previous version of Ragnarok Online 2 have also been granted access to the beta test for this version.


    After creating an account and logging in you select a server. One server is currently online, with different channels (instances) of that server within it. Gameplay consists of questing, level grinding, instances in which layers work together to overcome stronger enemies, and leveling professions. The professions include: Alchemist, Artisan, Blacksmith and Chef.

    Character Creation

    Characters' gender, appearance, class, and profession can all be customized.


    Classes are divided into five types: Swordsman, Magician, Archer, Thief and Acolyte. Each with the ability to advance to a more powerful and specialized version of the base class at level 25.

    • Swordsman - Swordsmen are the Tank class. They have a low rate to deal critical damage due to their slow attacks, but deal high damage and have higher defense than other classes. At level 25 Swordsman have the option at level 25 to turn into a Warrior or Knight.
    • Magician - Magicians deal damage from a distance using spells and the elements. They wear cloth armor and use a Staff as a weapon. They have lower damage compared to other DPS classes but have a higher chance to deal critical damage. At level 25 Magicians have the option to turn into a Wizard or Sorcerer.
    • Archer - Archers are a DPS class that attack from afar using a bow and arrows and have the ability to use traps or snares to ensnare enemies. They attack slower but deal high damage and have a higher chance for higher critical damage. At level 25 Archers have the option to turn into a Ranger or Beast Master.
    • Thief - Thieves are a melee DPS class who wear light armor and attack with a dagger. Thieves attack fast, have high crit rate however deal lower damage. They also have the ability to be cloaked while moving. At level 25 the Thief has the option of turning into an Assassin or Rogue.
    • Acolyte - Acolytes are the the games healer. This however does not mean they are helpless in a fight. They can use holy spells to attack enemies or heal allies health. They wear light armor and weild one-handed blunt weapons. Acolytes have low Critical Hit rates but make up for it in higher damage output and shorter spell casting times.

    Advanced Classes

    At level 25, the class advancement quest will automatically be added to the quest log. The quest will send the player to talk to a Kafra employee at Prontera who will then guide them to one of two class advancement NPCs.


    • Knight - Knights wield shields to protect allies and attack enemies.
    • Warrrior - Warriors wield two-handed swords to defeat enemies and they have skills for self-preservation.


    • Wizard - Wizards specialize in the fire element. Wizards trained at Geffen's Magic Academy and is capable of setting enemies ablaze.
    • Sorcerer - Sorcerers wield the water, lightning, and earth elements. Sorcerers attune themselves with nature and gains the ability to hurt enemies as well as heal allies.


    • Ranger - Rangers are known for their skill in archery. They use trained falcons and traps.
    • Beastmaster - Beastmasters are one with nature. Forgoing their archery skills, they instead channel the spirit of the wild and are able to transform into beasts in combat.


    • Assassin - Assassins are one with the shadows. They are able to transform into a speedy Shadow Form with special AoE abilities.
    • Rogue - Rogues wield a devastating flurry of dagger attacks to slice enemies to ribbons.


    • Priest - Priests channel the power of their faith to heal allies and smite enemies.
    • Monk - Monks are Acolytes who decided to achieve enlightenment by strengthening their body. Leaving their spells behind, they instead channel their internal spiritual power to enforce their body and pummel their enemies with their fists.


    Professions are life skills that allows the player to gather materials and create useful items, equipment, and consumables. Professions are chosen at character creation and it cannot be changed later. There are 4 professions currently available and they have their own method of gathering materials.

    Each profession is accompanied by their specific Guardian which can be summoned for a 30 second buff to increase movement speed, haste, and vigor with a cooldown of 30 minutes. A player cannot benefit from the buff for 10 minutes. Quests are available to increase the level of the guardian and the potency of their buff.


    Alchemists gathers herbs and crafts potions that recovers HP, SP, or provide a variety of buffs.

    The Alchemist's guardian is Hohenheim who is able to temporarily increase the player's magic defense.


    Artisans gather skin and textile from defeated beasts and crafts cloth and light armor. They can also craft Runes that can be attached to slotted equipment to boost a particular stat.

    The Artisan's guardian is Veriel who is able to temporarily increase the player's critical strike chance.


    Blacksmiths mine and smelt ores and crafts heavy armor and weapons. They can also craft Rune Hole Punch that activates a slot in equipment to allow for the attachment of Runes.

    The Blacksmith's guardian is Vulcan who is able to temporarily increase the player's defense.


    Chefs harvests defeated beasts for raw material and cooks food. Food can be consumed to recover HP and SP and provide long-term buffs. Compared to potion buffs, food buffs lasts twice as long (1 hour) and it does not expire upon death.

    The Chef's guardian is Demeter who is able to temporarily provide increased HP recovery.


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