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    Ragnarok Online

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 31, 2002

    Ragnarok Online is a Korean MMORPG based around the Norse Mythology but with influences from Christianity and Asian Cultures too. It is based off the Korean Manwha "Ragnarok".

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    Main street in Prontera town
    Main street in Prontera town

    Ragnarok Online (Often simply called RO) is a massively multiplayer online game set in a fantasy world of Rune-Midgard. The game features level based gameplay, PvP, castle sieges, player created items and more. Players gain experience by killing monsters or completing quests which, in turn, give them new, more advanced skills to utilize. In Ragnarok Online there are two different levels: Base level and job level. The base level gives the player additional points to distribute into Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Job levels, on the other hand, give players skill points to allocate into various abilities specific to their current job or class.

    Since battling monsters is the only way for players to gain experience, the gameplay revolves heavily on PvE, getting new weapons, and repeatable EXP loot quests. The game is notorious for its exceptionally long grind partially because of the amount of time it takes for an average player to get to the maximum level. Additionally, the game does not have a lot of quests and non-combat activities. However, players are free to test their skills in the Battlegrounds or the War of Emperium, which are PvP-only endeavors.

    Class System

    As mentioned, Ragnarok Online has a job level. It gives the players one skill point which they can put into different skills. Because you cannot get all the skills for your class, you will have a hard time choosing which ones to take. Many different kinds of builds of the same class are seen within the game so the player vs. player encounters can be very erratic.

    You start out in the game as a novice. To choose your main class, you have to raise you job level to 10. Doing so will reset the job level back to 1(your main level will stay the same). After you first class is choosen, the next thing to do is to get the job level to 40 (or 50 for maximum skill points). That is when the player is able to transform into a more advanced class.

    A bard in a cave
    A bard in a cave

    Extended classes do not have a Second Job with the exception of Taekwon.

    After leveling you character until base level 99 and job level of 50, you can "transcend" your character and be reborn as a level 1 novice again; but with the benefit of extra stat points (100). After being reborn you need to level up to job level 10 for first class and job level 40-50 for second class again. The major benefit of transcending and reaching the second class are various upgrades including: Extra stats, extra skills, new graphic, extra bonuses depending on your class and 30% more HP and SP.

    Super Novice and the Extended Clases cannot transcend but can level up the job level up to 70.

    Classes (Jobs)

    You start the game as a "novice". At job level 10 you will be able to choose your main class.


    Swordsman is your typical warrior in Ragnarok Online. They wear heavy armor, use shields, swords, maces, or two handed weapons and rely on the strength of their hits. The Swordsman can advance to the Knight class (Two-handed weapon combat based Swordsman) or the Crusader class (Supportive and defensive skills based Swordsman). Both second job classes possess the ability to ride a Peco Peco for faster traveling.

    When the job level reaches 40, a swordsman can transform into one of the following:

    • Crusader ->Paladin (Transcendent)
    • Knight -> Lord Knight (Transcendent)


    The Mage
    The Mage

    A Mage is the typical and main caster in the game. They possess the ability to cast offensive (Earth,Fire,Ice and Wind) spells in their enemies. They are almost useless at physical combat. The Mage can advance to the Wizard (A damaged based mage) and the Sage (A more supportive and anti-magic based mage). The Sage has the ability to cast and fight while he/she casts.

    When the job level reaches 40, a mage can transform into one of the following:

    • Sage -> Professor (Transcendent)
    • Wizard -> High Wizard (Transcendent)


    The Archer is the main ranged-class in the game. They can attack from a distance but lack the ability to cast spells or fight effectively in melee combat. The Archer can then advance to a Hunter (Trap / pet based Archer) or the more supportive Bard/Dancer (AoE buffs based Archer).

    When the job level reaches 40, an archer can transform into one of the following:

    • Bard / Dancer -> Clown / Gypsy (Transcendent)
    • Hunter -> Sniper (Transcendent)


    A Blacksmith in the shop
    A Blacksmith in the shop

    The Merchant is the economy of the game. They possess a good physical ability but they specialize in money-making skills. The Merchant can advance into the Blacksmith

    (Weapon production and support skills based Merchant) or the Alchemist (Potion production and Pet based Merchant).

    When the job level reaches 40, a merchant can transform into one of the following:

    • Alchemist -> Creator (Biochemist) (Transcendent)
    • Blacksmith -> Whitesmith (Transcendent)


    The Thief is the agile class of the game. The Thief focuses on evading attacks, hiding and attacking at impressive speeds. The Thief can advance into the Assassin (A damaged dual wielding based Thief) and the Rogue (a hiding/stealing/trickery skills based Thief) who gains the ability to wield ranged weapons.

    When the job level reaches 40, a thief can transform into one of the following:

    • Rogue -> Stalker (Transcendent)
    • Assassin -> Assassin Cross (Transcendent)


    A monk on the daily grind
    A monk on the daily grind

    The Acolyte is the main support and healing class of the game. The Acolyte possesses a wide range of buffs, healing and detective skills that can benefit greatly a party. The Acolyte can advance into the Priest

    (a full support based Acolyte) or the Monk (a melee fighting based Acolyte). The Monk possesses the most damaging single attack in the game (Azura Strike).

    When the job level reaches 40, an acolyte can transform into one of the following:

    • Monk -> Champion (Transcendent)
    • Priest -> High Priest (Transcendent)

    Taekwon Boy / Girl

    The Taekwon is the only extended class that can advance into a second job. The Taekwon is a bare handed melee fighter that can equip almost any armor. The Taekwon can advance into the Taekwon Master (an improved and physical based Taekwon) and the Soul Linker (a support and spiritual based Taekwon). The Soul Linker loses in most cases the ability to be efficient at melee combat. The Taekwon cannot transcend.

    When the job level reaches 40, a taekwon boy or a taekwon girl can transform into one of the following:

    • Taekwon Master
    • Soul Linker


    Two ninjas
    Two ninjas

    The Ninja is a ranged/magic/melee hybrid class. The Ninja has the ability to attack with Ninpo (Fire, Wind and Water), attack from a distance with Shuriken and Kunai and deal melee damage with daggers. The Ninja

    cannot advance into a second job or transcend, but has the benefit of having 20 more job levels.


    The Gunslinger is a ranged versatile class. The Gunslinger can wield a wide variety of ranged gun-like weapons, they possess the versatily to have either high attack and low speed or vice versa. The Gunslinger cannot advance into a second job or transcend, but can reach 20 more job levels.

    Super Novice

    Super Novice is available if the player does not change jobs, but reaches Job level 10 and base level 40 as a novice. The Super Novice has almost every skill from the other first job available to them (with the exception of Ranged weapon and Two-handed weapon skills). It also possesses more skill points than any other first class. The Super Novice cannot advance into a second class or transcend but can reach a job level up to 99.

    Basic Stats

    There are 6 basic stats that affect different number of aspects of a character's combat versatility against given opponents. These statistics can be altered during the character creation process at the start of the game.

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    • Strength (STR): Increases attack strength and weight limit. Does not increase attack power for ranged classes.
    • Agility (AGI): Increases attack speed and dodge rate.
    • Vitality (VIT): Increases defense, amount of health and HP recovery rate.
    • Intelligence (INT): Increases magic attack and magic defense.
    • Dexterity (DEX): Increases hit rate (accuracy) and lowers the cast time for some skills and spells. Increases attack power for ranged classes.
    • Luck (LUK): Increases critical hits and perfect dodge rates.

    Directly at character creation the player is presented with 48 stat points to distribute according to three set axes:

    Stat distribution.
    Stat distribution.

    Strength <> Intelligence

    Vitality <> Dexterity

    Agility <> Luck

    The maximum value that can be assigned to any given stat is 9 and the lowest being 1, though not of both of the same tier. (E.g. Putting up strength would equally decrease intelligence and vise versa.)


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