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    Razorworks was a UK developer that was founded in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom in 1996 with a team of four people, eventually peaking at thirty-four people. The company initially developed combat flight simulators and eventually shifted their focus to car racing games. They have released a total of fourteen games on a number of platforms including the PC, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and for Sega arcade machines. They are most widely recognized for the Enemy Engaged and Ford Racing series.

    After several fairly successful years, Razorworks was acquired by Empire Interactive in 2000. It was after this point that their development focus moved more towards racing games, though they did dabble in other projects such as Taito Legends, the Xbox Live Arcade version of Double Dragon and a remake of the classic puzzle game Pipe Mania.

    Parent company Empire Interactive began ro run into serious financial troubles in the late 2000s and on June 11, 2008, it was announced that it was closing down Razorworks in an effort to cut costs. On July 19, 2008, fellow UK developers Rebellion announced that they had acquired the assets and most of the staff of Razorworks after observing them as an takeover possibility for two years. The team was integrated into Rebellion's own Oxford studio but no longer operates independently and the branding has been retired. A small official tribute site is still online. Empire Interactive's troubles continued and the company announced its own closure and liquidation on May 4, 2009.


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