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    Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Mar 14, 2006

    A World War II FPS designed with historical accuracy and realism in mind. It was originally an Unreal mod, which began on Unreal Tournament 2003.

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    Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is a tactical first person shooter created by Tripwire Interactive. It is developed on the Unreal Engine and won the "Best Mod" award in the "Make Something Unreal" Nvidia contest; it was later released on Steam in March 2006.

    The game is set on the Eastern Front during World War II in which the German and Russian forces are fighting bloody battles. The player is encouraged to work along side his teammates using a variety of vehicles, including half tracks and tanks, and weapons to take out the opposing team. Players can engage in close quarters combat with the bayonet on the end of their rifle or long range combat with snipers and artillery.

    Key Features

    • Fight intense battles on 15 authentic Eastern Front combat environments
    • Crew 16 fully realized vehicles with highly detailed exterior and interior models
    • Choose from 28 authentic infantry weapons
    • Full 64 player online Multiplayer Support
    • Unique Setting – the only FPS to focus on the WWII Russian Front
    • Engage enemy tanks at 2000 metres and more with the Simulation-level armored vehicle combat
    • Fight the full range of combined arms infantry and vehicle combat in detailed environments based on real-world data, from city-centre to deeply rural settings
    • Realistic bullet and projectile ballistics will make you duck for cover
    • Coordinate strategies with your team-mates via Voice Over IP
    • Authentic Immersive Sound FX and 3D Positional Sound System
    • 3D “Iron Sights” and unique 3d scope system
    • True weapon deployment system including resting rifles on support
    • Historically accurate artillery system
    • Distance-based sound system dynamically creates the battle ambiance
    • Advanced player movement system featuring diving over obstacles and leaning
    • Custom 8 way animation system for highly realistic player animations


    There are 16 official maps ranging from farm houses to hill tops as well as 10 community made maps supported by the Red Orchestra developers which were created using the Red Orchestra SDK. There are several different types of maps, infantry maps which focus on infantry combat, tank maps which focus on tank combat and combined-arms maps. Most maps have objectives which require being captured, once a team captures all the objectives they win the round.


    On Februrary 18th 2009 the developers stated that achievements would soon be coming to Red Orchestra through the used of Steamworks. They also said that the public could suggest achievement ideas by visiting the Red Orchestra website.

    Achievements were released on March 12th 2009 alongside the Fallen Heroes map, there are 44 achievements in total.

    System Requirements


    • CPU: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
    • 512 MB RAM
    • Video Card: 64 MB DX9 Compliant
    • 2 GB free hard drive space
    • DX 8.1 Compatible Audio
    • Windows 2000/XP


    • CPU: 2.4 GHZ
    • Video Card: 128 MB DX9 Compliant with PS 2.0 support
    • Sound Card: Eax Compatible
    • Windows XP

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