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    Rock Band

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Nov 20, 2007

    Rock Band expands on the concepts Harmonix established in its Guitar Hero franchise by allowing players to play guitar, bass, drums, and sing to a variety of songs from various sub-genres and time periods.

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    THE Music rhythm game. 0

    What's better than having one music god? Having four music gods. That's the overall message that Rock Band seems to shout at every possibility, why? Because it's true. As a multiplayer experience, Rock Band is without a doubt the best music rhythm game to date and arguably one of the best games ever.Without sounding too overdramatic, lets go over some of the finer points of the game itself. Within Rock Band you are immediatly given a choice of 4 instruments to play (unless you purchased the game...

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    Rock Band Review 0

    Rock Band is the newest game from Harmonix, who previously made the Guitar Hero games. This time, though, you can also sing and play drums. You play guitar and bass mostly the same as in Guitar Hero. You have a mini-guitar with five colored buttons. One green, one red, one yellow, one blue, and one orange. On Easy, you only use the green, red, and yellow buttons. On Medium, you use the green, red, yellow, and blue buttons. On Hard and Expert, you use all of them. As the colored note scrolls down...

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    Almost but not quite 0

    'Rock Band' is the first game for Harmonix since breaking away from the 'Guitar Hero' series and gave the production of those games to Neversoft and Activision. Having a PS3, in which you can play PS2 games and use PS2 controllers and instruments, I thought that buying the PS2 version of the game and controllers would be cheaper and the game would be just as good with all the same features and maybe a little less quality in the graphics, but alas, I was wrong. The PS2 version of the game is as t...

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    The Best Music Rhymth Game Yet 0

    Harmonix, Creators of Guitar Hero 1, 2, & Rock the 80s', have abandoned the GH series and have teamed up with MTV games and EA to expanding the music genre by adding drums and vocals to the mix. Now, the game is far superior in almost every single possible to any other console rhythm game to date. The game has on hell of a soundtrack. Of course, based on your taste in music, you're reaction to the game will differ, but with classic rock bands like the Rolling Stones, KISS, Aerosmith, and...

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    Amazing gameplay and such a thrill with friends. 0

    So, here is my review on Rock band for the Xbox 360 console. I am going to judge on a few things to determine the rating. Gameplay and soundtrack are the main things, but I will go in depth about all instruments; excluding drums since I refuse to pay £60 for them.Gameplay: Firstly, I am going to say this. You will not have the same experience as you did on Guitar hero; this game is called "rock band" for a reason and that is being together as a band. It is a lot of fun together.Gameplay (local) ...

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    Add content, stop buying updates. 0

    The world as we know it, being haunted by the usual ghosts of economy and meh. Out comes Rock Band.Everybody knows Guitar Hero, we all saw it on South Park, the experience...strumming on a fake guitar and playing a song, that's as far as it will ever get. They can add gold to the cymbals and real guitars to the drama, but it will stay the same, just a screen with some coloured notes that scroll down until you say otherwise.Rock Band tries to put an end to the already ridiculous iterations of Gui...

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    Wii will rock you 0

      When Guitar Hero came into play, it promised a full-fledged experience as a rock star. It was a little lacking that all you could do is rock, and that is when Harmonix realized that Rock Band came. A non-lacking experience was mandatory; Drums with a kick pedal, a realistic guitar, and of course, a mic. Not many other developers have thought of this, which is one way this game has amazed all.When you are in a band, you will have a drummer, a guitarist, a bass guitarist, and of course, a singe...

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    It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock 'n Roll 0

    If you haven't heard of this phenomenal game by now surely you must have been living under a rock. With high marks across the board, this is the evolution of music rhythm games. This defines the very genre itself and pushes the bounds of what was once thought of as far as one could go. Taking the stale, been-there-done-that feeling of other competitors attempt at music rhythm games and completely blowing them apart, Rock Band is the definitive rock star experience. This title not only puts you i...

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    My Magical Moment 0

    So I’ve been playing Rock Band for about three weeks now and I must say I love it. My brother and my cousin play it every chance we get and since it’s been rainy and cold in California, we’ve been in doors alot. I usually love to sing or play bass, my brother ONLY knows drums and my cousins loves the guitar, makes sense because she plays real guitar for her school band. It’s been a blast, there are moments while playing that I feel so good and go out of control. Magical moments I call them, so ’...

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    Every Tuesday Is Rock Band Day 0

    Ok. So here we are 8 months in. Now we are waiting for Rock Band 2 to release in September! But as of right now, Im cool until then. Not only do I have the Bombcast to look forward to every tuesday, but Harmonix doing its best every week to keep this game fresh. I am a Rock Band Slave. Or should I say that I am a Harmonix Slave. Hi, my name is Eric, and I am a Harmonix-holic. I have every song in my Rock Band library to date. That felt better...THE GOODSOver 235 Songs in the library as of July 2...

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    RockBand review 1


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    Rock Band Rocks! 0

    This is easily one of the best games of 2007. Taking the good of Guitar Hero and stripping out the bad, Rock Band succeeds on almost every level.The instruments feel and play better than it's rival and rocking out with your pals in the same room really brings it all home. Downloadable content every week pretty much guarantees there's something for everyone to continue the experience well beyond the campaign mode.The song list is fantastic and the difficulty ramps up on a very good scale.Online V...

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    An unbeatable home rhythm game experience 0

    After a rather long and frustrating wait, the EU was finally given tickets to Rockband on the 23rd of May. Rockband being EA's prime time foray (after Boom Boom Rocket) into the exciting world of the rhythm game genre. With Guitar Hero being one of the biggest selling games of all time and the necessary guitar peripheral sales bringing tidy amounts of profit it was only a matter of time before EA wanted a slice of that pie, buying out the original creators of Guitar Hero -Harmonix. Rockband at f...

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    This will do until you get your own gig. 0

    Rock Band is a multiplatform rhythm game for the Playstation 3, and Xbox360 (Also soon for the Wii) made by Harmonix (ex Guitar Hero guys). As stated Rock Band is a rhythm game that has you pressing buttons on plastic instruments as notes come streaming towards you on the screen. The game comes with a guitar, drum set, and a microphone (considering you get the special edition version of the game). The game has a pretty steep price tag for the whole package but the game is definitely worth the pr...

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    Could have been better. WAY better. 0

    So, a game that takes the great gameplay of Guitar Hero, adds Singing and Drums, weekly new DLC, AND 4-player co-op? Sounds great on paper, but the experience is shallow and short-lived. ...Most of the time.Well, I'll start with the guitar. It's bad. Really bad. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are inaccurate, inconsistent, and sometimes hard to distinguish from normal notes. Anyone who has played Rock Band can tell you how the game just hates you. You will hit a note, you will KNOW you hit the note, bu...

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    Rock Band, the intro into FULL family gameplay 0

    Rock Band is one of few games to actually include the full group of friends that come over to your house, or support the full band online.  Ofcourse, being one of a kind has its pros and cons.First, gameplay.  This game is extrememley smooth.   It runs well, has nice transitions between menus, has a cleaner look than Guitar Hero, and focuses more on teamwork more than a SINGULAR person.  It is also nice to wnat to play with friends for once.  The game is definitely better in the bundle that come...

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    Surprisingly Fun 0

    Rock Band. Who hasn't heard of it by now? The premise is simple: you and three buddies can get together, and rock out on two fake guitars, a fake drum set, and a USB microphone to over 50 songs included on the disc, most of which are the master tracks. Some people may mock the game, and for good reason; anybody looks like an idiot while trying to windmill the guitar on The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again", or busting into crazy drum fills whenever possible on Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills". But ...

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    Forming your own band was never so fun. 0

    Rock Band is developed by Harmonix the guys behind Guitar Hero. This year the guys took it one step forward and introduced not only the guitar, but also drums and singing into the mix. This leads to one of the best family and friends experiences I have ever had playing a video game. Rock Band's set up is very nice. It is set-up well and plays out well. First lets talk about the instruments themselves. The guitar control, which can also be a bass, is very much the same as the Guitar Hero contro...

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    Move over Guitar Hero 0

    At first glance Rock Band looks like an overwhelming experience that we could only have imagined possible. It seems insane for one console game be able to have drums, guitar, karaoke, and bass all in one. Rock band has a soundtrack that can match any Guitar Hero soundtrack and has new songs to download each week. The songs all sound great, even though you can tell if a song has a cover, but it perfectly fine if you sacrifice the original to be able to play that song four different ways. Karaoke ...

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    Rock Band: Pro's And Con's 0

    With the upcoming release of Rock Band 2, I'd thought I'd repost a review I wrote a while a go about the original Rock Band. You can give feedback if you'd like.Pro’s and Con’s - Rock BandRock Band GameplayAny fan of the Guitar Hero series or of video games in general have been interested in any tidbit of news for Rock Band, and with reason to. Rock Band may not score points for originality, but why mess with a supreme formula? Harmonix, the creators of the first two Guitar Hero games, decided t...

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    A game that not only plays good, it's got good music. 0

    Few glitches, spectacular game, and easy controls lead to a master piece. The cords can get cluttered, and the guitars aren't super sturdy, but all controls are fine as long as you take good care of them. The game has great music, and more music can be downloaded all the time. And unlike guitar hero, it has music for all music fans.  It's also cool that you can sing. But when you sing, you not only sing the words, it also matters what pitch you use. So sometimes you'll need to sing high, sometim...

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    Rock your wallet thin 0

    Games that force you to use a controller other than the one that came with your console have seen a surge last generation, with games like DDR, and Guitar Hero. Both franchises have seen success, especially the latter. Developer Harmonix studios already knows this, and that's why they've decided to create Rock Band, the music game claiming to be the best party game ever. Is Rock Band what it claims to be? The answer overall, is yes, but that isn't to say Rock Band doesn't have its problems. The...

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    Rock Band 360 0

    Compliments:-Four Games In One-Fantastic Visuals-Almost Perfect Difficulty Level -Possibly The Best Multiplayer GameComplaints:-Hefty Price Tag-Some Hardware Issues-Band World Tour Can Get Insanely RepetitiveRock band developed by Harmonix and published by EA is the best music game to date.  The now long running Guitar Hero franchise taught us that basics of rocking, but rock band ascends that and gives players a whole band experience. Rock band not only features guitar, but also bass guitar, dr...

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    Addicting but not the same as on other consoles 0

    Game play: Rock band came out on the other console like xbox 360...ect but when rock band came out on the wii it was late i dont think rock band fans want this for the wii. Overall the game has allot of songs and the games pretty challenging. I reccomend you to get rock band 2 guitar with rock band 1 game thats what i have and it works perfectly. The game is fun you can play with friends play on solo tour where you start from easy to expert with thrilling songs the solo tour is fun but it gets b...

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    Most complete rhythm game experience (so far). 0

    Rock band is the first game to bring the full band experience to your living room.  The animation is smooth and detailed, and much less cartoon like compared to its guitar hero competitor.  DLC extends the life of this game for as long as you want to keep playing, and with the fact that most songs and all DLC will work with Rock Band 2, even when you're done with Rock Band, you'll still have use for your downloads.  An extremely polished, very complete, party good fun time experience....

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    3 stars fo sho, heres y. 0

    Okay, get if off my chest I LOVE ROCK BANDi STILL play it everytime i have company over and most days in between. But if i suggest it for someone else. I really cant, The most important addition to rock band was the drums, and the only way you can play expert and be compatible is to mod your drums with socks, real drum parts or mouse pads. And that shouldnt happen. The drums were created faulty, and not just mine, im going to justify myself right now though. IF UR A FANBOY, go down to your xbox ...

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    Rock Band Rocks 0

    If you love music, and love games, this is a must.I can't quite think of a game that gives a better 'feel good' feeling during play than this one.  The concept is simple, you use instrument-shaped controllers (guitar, drum-pad) to a stream of notes that more-or-less relate to the song that's being played (depending on difficulty).  The execution is near perfect--when your skill picks up you start to genuinely feel that you're playing the song, and if you like the song that you're 'playing', this...

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    Rock out with your (insert instrument here) out 0

    Rock band is a game that harmonix has expanded on from thier previous game, guitar hero. You play as 1 of 4 instruments, mic,drums and of course guitar/bass. The guitar gameplay is pretty similer to the guitar hero franchise, i which you hold a coloured button and strum along to the stream on your tv. Drums on the easier difficulltys dont really remind me of drums more like keep a very basic rythem, but on the higher difficulty's it can get really intense because most if not all the notes hit ar...

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    Rock Band 0

    Last year, when the Rock Band/Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock battle was warming up, I was in the Guitar Hero camp. Despite the original developer making Rock band, I already liked Guitar Hero, I liked some of the announced songs more, and I didn't like the idea of paying that huge amount for the whole instrument set. Issues like that tend to go away though when the new Guitar Hero developer makes some bad decisions, you have a ton of downloadable songs to improve the library, and someone else ...

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    Party time 0

    I love this game dearly, but honestly I don't play it much unless I have company. When I do have people over, it is a blast. What I really love is the way the songs feel. Guitar Hero III has stopped trying to simulate music and just be as hard as can be. Rock Band's creators obviously know how to make you feel like you're playing a song. It's a tremendous difference. I'd give it a higher rating, but everything I've read about Rock Band 2 will solve my issues with the game. ...

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    More than a feelin'... 0

    Rock Band is a game that will be remembered.  More accurately, Rock Band doesn't appear as if it's going away anytime soon.  Developer Harmonix huge rock n' roll simulation has finally come out, and what a game it truly is.  Anyone familiar with the Guitar Hero will know what to expect from this game, as they are undeniably alike in design (Harmonix is the former co-developer of the Guitar Hero series) but the game's hefty $170 plus price tag and rather unimpressive number of songs in compariso...

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    Best Music Game Ever 0

    ProsFirst music game ever with drums, which are a blast to play Great soundtrack and an insane amount of DLC Very fun to play as a band both in real life and online The other multiplayer aspects such as the battles are also great fun Awesome character customization, which can be used online Great character animation including the drummer, the overall mood of the performance seems to go a lot better with the song than Guitar Hero 3 ConsDrums are very loud to play PresentationMenu's are great, t...

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    Rock And Roll All Nite..... 0

     It seems like every year there is one game that I can't stop playing over everything else, and it surprises me. I would figure a game like Super Mario Galaxy or Bioshock would hold my attention for months, but some other game does it every time, and yeah it may not be a better game in terms of overall package, but it is damn close. Like Rock Band. For some reason, this ridiculously priced peripheral package is what I do nearly every night. Sure a rented game would take up five days s...

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    Where do I begin with this awesome game? 0

    This game was the first in the Rock Band series and it had an excellent start. From the developers of the first 2 Guitar Hero games, comes Rock Band. Rock Band had a variety of songs, but not many on disc songs, only 58. 45 were in the main setlist making 9 tiers, and 13 bonus songs. The only other flaws that are possibly known are: bass pedal snapping in half, and the stratocaster not working properly. But when you play the game and realize how great the game is, none of those flaws will even m...

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