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    Sabu is an American professional wrestler who has appeared in various wrestling games.

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    Sabu whos real name is Terry Brunk on December 12 1964. Born in America but in wrestling he resides from india or ocassionally from Arabia. He trained with his uncle the Iron Sheik. Known as the Suicidal, homocidal genocidal, death defying Sabu for his high tolerance of pain and no care for his own body. During ECW he sustained numerious injuries which can be seen on his body. Some famous injuries which he has suffured were;

    Notable Injuries

    Stairway to heaven: Sabu vs Sandman - Sabu attempts a high risk move jumping off the ropes, but the sandman moves out the way and sabu jaw first into the security fence, breaking his jaw.

    Sabu vs Chris Beniot - Beniot does a suplex on Sabu who lands on his neck, breaking it in the process but continues the match.

    Sabu vs Terry Funk - The "Born to be Wired" match where both men were cut up, but Sabu ripped the whole of his bicep open. He tried to tape it shut, but the match was later called a draw after both men became so entangled in the wire that they could not move.

    When ECW closed its doors Sabu went to TNA for a short period, along with Sandman. He faced battles with the monster Abyss in Barbed wire and hardcore matches. After TNA he and his fellow ECW alumni were invited to compete in WWE new ppv called ECW one night stand. Here all the original ECW wrestlers would compete against each other. Vince Mcmahon had a great idea to revive ECW and include the originals, during this period Sabu had attacked John Cena at the time he was champion. This let to hardcore matches, lumberjack match and various other matches. When the ECW brand was established again he would compete with new and old ECW wrestlers to regain the ECW title. He had a chance to win the title again at WWE`s no way out ppv in a elimination chamber match, but he was taken out of the match prior to the ppv starting. This had ended his two year stay in the WWE, he now competes on the independent circuit.


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