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This might not be GTA IV, but man, it's still very good

Saints Row 1 really took the gaming world by storm, with it's great open-world gameplay and good story. Saints Row 2 is here and takes place about 4 years after the first Saints. Your in a coma after having the shit blown out of you and you have to fight through loads of dolphins in your coma -- alright I'm lying. You actually start off after you woke up from your "coma". This leads to one of the best features, although there is a lot of them, this is by far one of the most detailed feature.

You can choose from loads different faces, taunts, and body features. As your creating your character, this is when you realize, this game is freaking crazy -- but you know, in a good way. As soon as your realize you can put a womens voice on a fat mans body, your imagination just starts to run wild. I was sadly disappointed with the lack of voices, although those three voices are great. You can choose from more of an African-American voice, a Caucasian voice, and an Australian. The Australian voice's work is very well done.

Speaking of sounds, this game sounds great. The weapon are the best by far, but the excruciating pain you feel after your character get's hit by a huge Mac Truck, just can't be beat. The explosions on the other hand, could be so much better. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrible, but it's still kinda dull. The explosions are one of those things where you can't put your finger on it but there's something just kinda weird about it.

The Diolouge is really great. I'm not for sure if they changed their writers but every line out of Johnny's Gat's mouth is golden. And, oh my god! You actually talk?!?! It's just crazy! Your character has it's nice funny parts, but still, no man can compare to Johnny's nice voice work and great comedy.

The Gameplay is still fast and frantic. Graphic wise, the game is the exact same as the first, there is still a load of graphical glitches. You'll still find yourself fading through random objects and you'll occasionally run into some very messed up things. Like a car, randomly flying through the air and exploding like crazy.

Did I mention, that there is a UFO you can drive? Yea, the craziness continues. There's a load of crazy objects, like UFO's, Tasers, Pepper Spray, Samurai Swords, Pocket Bikes, and midgets -- ok, I'm lying again about the midgets but still, there's some crazy stuff in this game.
Single-Player:5 stars

Multiplayer: I was very disappointed with the multiplayer, mainly because the lack of options that made the first Saints so damn good. My favorite was "Big Ass Chains", sadly it's gone too. The online co-op is great. The lag factor is non - existent and you can do almost everything you can do alone with a partner.
Multiplayer:4 stars

Re-play value: Well damn it, now I've gotta be an asshole to this game now. Although this game is great, there is very little re-play value. The online multiplayer isn't as good as the first but it's definitely worth two playthroughs, one by yourself, and one with a friend.
Re-play value: 3 Stars

End It! All-in-all this game is a buy, the multiplayer isn't as good as the first but the story mode and pretty much everything else is better than the first.
Final Score: 5 Stars

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