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Really, Really Short

Saints Row: The Third was my GOTY last year...but the DLC has been underwhelming. It's been amusing, but brutally short. The final Season Pass DLC (I'm assuming the last of the major DLC for the game as well) continues this streak by putting on an amusing diversion --- for about an hour.

Johnny Gat is cloned by your biggest fan, Jimmy Torbitson, except Johnny is now a huge brute who is ransacking Steelport. Jimmy narrates the attempt to bring Gat (Johnny Tag here) under control.

As usual, things go horribly awry. You attempt to attract him to a show at Planet Saints and use a bee gun to keep the fans, and later Johnny, under control. You drink radioactive Saints Flow which gives you super powers.

And just as you hit a crescendo, the DLC ends. Literally, an hour. The Achievements/Trophies are hard to avoid getting.

I love the game. And the DLC isn't boring --- but, man, can they provide a bit more substance to these things?


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