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A Classic Returns to Form 0

Steve Purcell's Sam & Max: Freelance Police franchise has taken many forms: first as an independent comic series, then as a LucasArts adventure game, and then as a Saturday morning cartoon show. When LucasArts announced the cancellation of the second Sam & Max adventure game in 2003, the myriad fans of the series despaired, fearing we had seen the last of Sam & Max. Enter Telltale Games with a new creative team, a new format (episodic content), and new depth for the series... litera...

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Point and click adventure. Funny yet not daunting. 0

 You don't need to be a fan of the older adventure games to play and enjoy Sam & Max. However, you do need a bit of patience in order to enjoy playing these episodes. The puzzles are usually clever without being overly secretive or convoluted. Yet, some people are easily frustrated and rather unforgiving about controls. This might be more problematic with the XBLA version; I didn’t have any problems on the PC.It is a classic point and click adventure game. You click to move, and click to int...

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A pretty good time with Sam & Max 0

To give some insight on how I went about reviewing this game, I thought I would give a little back-story to my game playing. I’ve been playing adventure games for a long time. They’re pretty much my favorite genre (or were, until they were all but wiped off the planet in the late 90s). I’ve played through many different series, including Monkey Island, Space Quest, King’s Quest, Day of the Tentacle, and of course, Sam & Max: Freelance Police. I would like to think that I know the adventure g...

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Well worth the price. 0

Sam & Max: Save the World, just released on Live Arcade, is the latest point-and-click adventure game from Telltale to show up on the Xbox Live Arcade, and is based off of Sam & Max: Season One that was released for the PC in 2006-2007. It boasts six unique episodes for only $20; and thanks to its humor, it’s well worth that price. Point-and-Click games are rarely seen on consoles, due to the natural thought of a mouse instead of using an analog stick to drag a cursor across the screen....

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A Great Starting Point 0

The recent reinvigoration of adventure gaming can be laid directly at Telltale’s doorstep, and this is the game that broke through. It’s not their first adventure game, and certainly didn’t set the resurgence in motion, but it nailed the episodic nature they’ve come to be known for and provided an experience both immediately accessible and deeply nostalgic.   That being said, looking at this game with an eye towards quality and not strictly importance, it’s clear that they were still finding the...

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Sam & Max: Save the World Review 1

True adventure games, for a time, were all the rage and dominated the gaming landscape. The evolution went something like all text based (Infocom), to text and graphics (Sierra On-Line), to point and click (LucasArts), then they practically fell off the face of the earth when First Person Shooters blazed onto the scene. With the emergence of consoles, there have been plenty of adventure games created which use different ways to tell the story and trying to blaze new paths. These often put of an ...

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Great but not for Everyone 0

I've never seen a game with a better sense of humor than this one! It's a great point-and-click but that's just it. Anyone who doesn't have the patience for point-and-click adventures will not like this game, otherwise, this game is amazing and I recomend it to anyone interested. Great for playing something casually....

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Especially worth playing for its brilliant humor and satire 0

If anyone tells you that video games aren't a valid medium for social commentary, then you might want to steer that person towards Sam and Max: Season One. On top of being a fun and competent adventure game, Sam and Max is one of the funniest games ever made. It also stands out as the only successful implementation of episodic gaming. Anyone with an interest in adventure games will enjoy it, and even if you aren't into the point-and-click genre you should check it out, as long as you have a sens...

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Not quite as good as in the golden age, but still lots of fun 0

Sam & Max: Season 1 tries to continue what LucasArts stopped doing a decade ago, namely being a point&click adventure in the very classical sense. The interface is for most part what you expect, you have an inventory as usual, classic dialog trees and control your character by good old point&click. The interface however got simplified in that you no longer have any verbs left, actions are automatically triggered by simply clicking on things. While the world is presented in 3D this ti...

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