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    Sam is a 6-foot tall anthropomorphic dog, and is one half of the Sam & Max detective duo.

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    Usually the smarter of the insane pair, Sam is a relaxed, kleptomaniac anthropomorphic dog. He usually applies logic to get around problems and solve puzzles. Sam almost never loses his temper but when he does, He'll act out in violent, furious ways unlike his usual self. It is ordinarily and ironically Max that would calm down and  stop him from reacting in a violent way in this case. Sam also served as Vice President under Max until he was replaced by Mr. Spatula. He has a tendency for pleonasm, often bursting out into rambling, long-winded exclamations in moments of excitement or surprise.  Crime fighting runs in Sam's family, his grandmother is a former prison warden.
    Sam was voiced by Bill Farmer for Hit the Road, and Harvey Atkin for the TV series. David Nowlin has been providing the voice of Sam for the all Telltale episodes.

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