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Shadow Man: 2econd coming is a third person shooter developed by Acclaim Studios Teesside and was published by Acclaim Entertainment. It was released for exclusively on Playstation 2 in 2002 and was a follow up to the 1999 N64/PC/PlayStation/Dreamcast game Shadow Man both of which are based on the comic book of the same name.

Marketing Controversy

This game garnered controversy from the morbid ad campaign that its publisher Acclaim Entertainment employed. As part of the campaign Acclaim offered to pay people in the United Kingdom to put advertisements for Shadow Man 2 on the tombstones of their dead relatives.


In Germany, the game was released in two versions. One of the is censored (USK 16) and is localized in German with full voice acting, the other is uncensored (USK 18) but lacks the German voice over. In the censored version, certain blood effects were changed from red blood to green blood while the rivers of blood remain red. It is also only possible to "explode" enemies after they hit the ground as opposed to in the uncensored version which allows players to do that right after killing them. A decorative dead body that appears three times in the game was also removed. Additionally, the introductory voice over has been removed from the beginning of the game although a translated version was printed inside the manual.


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