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It'll have you hooked, for about a week.

I like this game, it was fun. The problem is that the depth wasn't there and I don't mean compared to the other civ games, I've never played any of them. I mean that just compared to any strategy game, the lack of any kind of story first of all leaves you with little incentive to even play through the first game let alone over and over again. The slightly higher difficulty doesn't even change AI either, it just takes away or adds on handicaps. The multiplayer is also jacked as the only reliable way to get into a game with an actual person is by having friends who buy the game too as the game will start you playing an "online" game with just a bunch of computer players. The differences in the civilizations are also very small and don't make a huge difference unless you get into obsessive strategy making. Over all it's fun and addictive for a little while but once you realize that this is all the game is ever going to do, there's nothing to unlock or anything, you'll stop playing pretty fast.

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