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    Silverload is a graphic horror adventure game set in a wild west ghost town. You play the role of a bounty hunter hired by the people of the town Silverload to find missing children taken from their parents.

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    Released in 1996 on the Playstation and DOS, Silverload's premise is about finding clues, talking to locals, and trying to figure out the pattern of events which may have lead to the kidnapping of the towns children. Your characters fate is based on your time management and the order in which the clues are found. 
    Silverloads setting in the old Wild West, emits a dark, eerie tone and a feel that may not sit well with some folks, or children. Moonlit sky, creepy locals, and a deteriorating (once prosperous) town, really give you the feeling something else is going on. Playstation had few releases in it's history up until this point that focused on a PC-like 3rd person based adventure system, and as such features one of the first  inventory systems controlled entirely from a 1st person perspective. The use of guns do take place at some point, as well as a few hidden surprises you may not suspect, so be ready to hone in on not only your detective abilities, but your "on rails" instincts as well.
    Silverload did garner mostly positive reviews with reviewers of past on the original Playstation, while the DOS based reviews were significantly lower.


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