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    SkyNET was originally designed as an add-on for The Terminator: Future Shock. It developed into a fully-fledged game and for the first time brought network multiplayer to the Terminator franchise.

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    SkyNET (also known as The Terminator: SkyNET in other regions) is a 1996 first-person shooter set in James Cameron's Terminator universe. It was originally designed as an expansion for 1995's The Terminator: Future Shock, but was eventually released as a standalone product.

    Like Future Shock, SkyNET was developed in Bethesda's own XnGine, which was also used for The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall released later the same year. If the player also had Future Shock installed on their PC, SkyNET also allowed Future Shock to be run in the higher resolution: 640x480, increased from the 320x200 resolution of Future Shock.

    The goal of the game is to complete missions as part of the human resistance against the titular tyrannical AI supercomputer, which has already eliminated most of humankind in a massive nuclear attack. Players traverse the ruins of the old world, making sure not to run afoul of heavy machine resistance or radiation, while pursuing a series of mission goals. Each mission/stage is preceded with a FMV cutscene mission brief.


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