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    Smith is Links Guardian. He makes weapons for a living.

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    Smith is Link's gaurdian. The Smith, as you can tell by his name, is a sword smith. He makes swords for a living. At the begining of the game, Smith makes a sword for the Hyrule Festival. After the festival, Vaati opens up the chest there, releasing a whole bunch of monsters.Smith lives in the South Hyrule Field on a square plot of land. Smith spends most of his time working in his workshop making weapons. Smith gives advice to Link whenever he can so Link can have a successful and safe quest to brake the curse on Zelda. Smith's workshop is in his house in a seperate room.

    Smith is the finest swordsmith in Hyrule. As a young man, he was a great swordsman. He and King Daltus are friends and enjoyed a rivalry as youths.


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