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    Mysterious purple-haired girl that Asbel, Richard, and Hubert meets early in Tales of Graces f. Is a martial artist in battle.

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    In Battle

    Sophie comes in the Child Arc with the skills she'll have in the later Arcs, unlike Asbel/Hubert/Richard. Her A Artes are mostly martial artes, half melee and half angelic chi blasts, and is noticable for her chargable attacks. Her B Artes run the gamut from a strong selection of healing spells, to buffs, to energy moves that mimic other character's moves. Sophie's Accel Mode is a dash behind the target, letting her extend combos with hits that would otherwise drop or neutralize loose enemies at range.

    Sophie has the best sidestep in the cast by far, often ending up behind a lunging enemy. Her Accuracy however, is very low, and the spread of her weakness-exploiting in her artes are limited, making her a poor point woman for most boss fights. By mixing up buffs, stuns, charge hits, and dashing attacks in a character with good HP, defenses, and sidestepping, a player can overcome this.


    Sophie has no real personality to speak of in the Child Arc and only seems to move on her own when the party is attacked under Windol Castle. Later on, small sparks appear in skits and win poses as she learns about the world. By the time she's come to grips with her creation and heritage, she has became a quiet, but empathetic figure concerned about her lack of mortality, and her friends mortality.


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