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    Composed and ambitious young man, who is very popular with the commoners. Fights with an elegant flashy style.

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    In Combat

    Richard is closest to the classic "single sword, retinue of spells" Tales character the cast sports. Richard's stats are nearly uniform, with no real strengths or weaknesses, but suffers from a lack of variety in his Artes. He is very useful for having a large number of attacks that exploit Human enemies.

    His A Artes provide great coverage and juggles well while providing some good movement for Richard if necessary. His B Artes contain some powerful and useful spells like Vengeant Fangs, and, similar to Sophie, has mimics of others' moves. Unlike Sophie, who gains inpiration from the weapon the A Arte utilizes, Richard mimics a B Arte spell, but a detail changes in each.

    His Accel Mode is High Spell, which reduces the cast time for his B Artes in half.


    Richard as a child was distant and only opens up to Asbel and company. After various tragedies, betrayals, and a demonic possession, he is suprisingly well-adjusted in the Future Arc, concerned with righting the wrongs he made and even drolly ribbing others over their romances.


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