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SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month is a point click adventure game developed by AWE Games and published by THQ. The player controls SpongeBob as he makes his way to Neptune's Paradise.


In the opening Chapter SpongeBob must travel around bikini bottom to find bus tokens for him and Patrick. He starts off in the Krusty Krab where he must finish his shift by making a Krabby Patty for a customer, Who ends up being a recurring character in the game. Once in town Spongebob finds out that the flying Dutchmen has hid treasure in Goo Lagoon. When he arrives at Goo Lagoon he runs into Larry the lobster. Larry has a shovel and pail that SpongeBob can use to dig up the treasure but Larry refuses to let SpongeBob use it, so he travels to his grandmother's house to get an Urchin chip pie so he can distract Larry. SpongeBob's Grandmother gets him to go to the local Barg-M-Mart to get Urchin Chips to finish the pie. At the Barg-M-Mart SpongeBob finds Mr. Krabs, now missing clothes selling junk in the back. Spongebob has no money so convinces the cashier to give him the chips if he cleans his boat. Once done Spongebob returns to his Grandmothers's house and completes the pie. He returns to Goo Lagoon and distracts Larry long enough to get the shovel and pail. He digs up the treasure, and finds that it's filled with bus tokens. He grabs some and goes to the bus stop where Patrick is waiting for him. They meet the bus driver and get him to drive them to Neptune's Paradise, but the weather goes bad and they end up in Rock Bottom.

Chapter two begins with SpongeBob getting information at the Rock Bottom Bus Station, but before the lady at the counter will give him information, he must first get her a snack from the vending machine outside. While there he sees a familiar face waiting near the bus stop. He looks exactly like the customer SpongeBob served at the Krusty Krab, but denies ever having met him. Finally able to get information he finds out that there is a weather station nearby. The Secretary at the station does not allow SpongeBob to enter because tours are currently unavailable. Returning outside he meets a repairman that will let SpongeBob have his tools if he gets him a Kelspi Soda. He goes to the Rusty Anchor Bar and sees Mermaid man on the ground in pain after having a drinking contest with Patrick. SpongeBob enters the Bar and tells the owner, who goes to help Mermaid Man, while gone SpongeBob gets the Kelspi soda, which is actually Lemon soda in a Kelspi can. He gets the tools from the repair man and gets into the weather station. After talking to a weatherman who brags about creating a machine that will control the weather, he finds out that an angry wizard is controlling the weather because he is upset about what the weatherman has done. SpongeBob travels to the Wizards cave. The Wizard asks SpongeBob to destroy the weather machine, and in return will clear up the weather so that SpongeBob can continue his trip. SpongeBob discovers Patrick sleeping in the cave and wakes him. He destroys the machine and continues his journey to Neptune's Paradise.

In Chapter Three both SpongeBob and Patrick are kicked off the bus when they annoy the driver. They notice that they are back in Bikini Bottom. They discover that Sandy is building a rocket that could fly them to Neptune's Paradise. He retrieves Sandy's lunch from a local diner then returns to his home to get his water helmet so that he can breath when he enter Sandy's tree dome. Unfortunately a sea snake has made his home inside the helmet. SpongeBob decides to use Squidwards Clarinet to lure the snake out. When he finds Squidward his discovers that he is in a deep sleep so goes to Sardine's Sundries to pick up a pair of Dream glasses. While there he once again meets the familiar man from chapter one and two. He once again denies having met SpongeBob earlier. He goes back to Squidwards house and enters his dreams to retrieve the clarinet. After he gets it he returns to his house and retrieves the water helmet. He goes to Sandy's tree dome, helps her find an oxygen tanks and they once again continue there journey to Neptune's Paradise.

The Fourth and Final Chapter takes place in Bottoms up after Sandy's rocket crashes. SpongeBob must find oxygen fuel. He goes to the oxygen springs but must have a jacket to enter. He manages to get into a restaurant that provides all its guests jackets if they enter without one. SpongeBob orders a Krabby Patty, this insults the waiter who promptly kicks him out. He is now able to enter the springs. He finds Patrick sitting in one of the springs without pants. Patrick asks SpongeBob to get his pants for him. When he enters the bathroom to look for Patricks pants he again encounters the familiar man. SpongeBob finds out that he has over a thousand twins, and that each familiar man was in fact a different person each time. SpongeBob retrieves Patrick's Pants and fills up the oxygen tanks. They are finally able to fly to Neptune's Paradise.

They arrive at Neptune's Paradise only to be informed that the park is closed because of a private party. Sandy tells him that it's their party and they are allowed in. When inside they meet all of the characters that they encountered on their adventure.

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